Acrotray – What Is It?

Reviewed on August 19, 2022

Use the appropriate tools for converting documents into different formats. In this instance, documents are converted into different types of files using Adobe Acrobat Tray.

You will see a list of files and directories, and this programme keeps track of user modifications and tells them when an update is required.

This application enables users to convert files into other formats and is a genuine Adobe Acrobat product. Additionally, Adobe Acrobat 9’s standard edition includes it.

Is Acrotray Harmful?

A lot of individuals use Acrobat Reader, which is a reliable application. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. EXE to convert documents into various formats. Acrobat Reader is an authorised programme, so it cannot be hazardous.

A programme called Acrobat Reader is used to view PDF files. Adobe Systems Inc. created Acrobat Reader, which is distributed by Adobe Systems. C:Program FilesAdobeAcrobat 9.0ReaderAcroRdr.exe is where you may find it.

The Acrotray executable doesn’t appear to be a virus and doesn’t cause any harm, according to all the information we have about it.

However, some malicious software may use a name that sounds close to that of the genuine programme. So imitation processing might be bad.

By looking up the site, users can determine whether the Acrotray procedure is dangerous.

Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 9.0/acrobat/acrobat.exe is where you may find the authentic Acrotray programme.

This is the program’s actual location, according to a location check. This indicates that it might be phoney, so you should remove it with anti-virus software.


Should You Get Rid Of Acrotray?

Your computer will start up more quickly if the authorised Acrobat.exe process is disabled.

The Acrobat Tray.exe usually starts up when your machine starts up, even if you’ve never used it before, so it would be worthwhile to disable it.

It shouldn’t run in the background if you don’t use it frequently. In any other case, your system performance can be impacted.



Manager of Tasks

To disable Adobe Acrobat, use Task Manager as an administrator.

Use the Windows key+S to launch the Start Menu to accomplish this.

Enter the search term “Task Manager” into the search box. Right-click the Task Manager icon and select Properties.

Click the Local Policies option after selecting the Security tab. Set the level to Never notify under User Account Control Settings.

By clicking the X in the upper-left area, you can exit Task Manager. Use taskkill /f /im acrotray.exe to terminate the process.

Start the programme acrotray.exefailcount0 to restart it.




Autoruns is a helpful utility that enables you to keep track of and manage programmes that launch with Windows startup.

Without having to manually delete them, this application enables users to eliminate unwanted apps from their computers.

Additionally, you can configure Windows to launch specific programmes automatically when you log in.

Run Autoruns64.exe as an administrator after opening the extracted folder.

We discover that Acrobat Assistant (AcroTray) is deactivated when we search for it. Your computer won’t start up after you restart it.



Taking Down Services

The two services mentioned above should have their settings changed to Manual.

By doing this, you can prevent Windows from automatically running the AcroTray service.

For both, change the startup type to Manual. ACROTRAY generally won’t start again if you restart your computer.



Immediately Turn Off Virus Scanners

The activation of Acrobat may conflict with programmes that scan for viruses.

Disable the following applications momentarily before starting Acrobat: Software that stores erased files, a firewall, virus protection, etc.

If you need assistance turning off other programmes, speak with your system administrator after turning off the software firewall. Before you may reinstall an application after you’ve disabled it, you must entirely uninstall it.

To accomplish this, launch the control panel by using the Windows key + R, then type Control Panel and hit Enter.

Double-click Add or Remove Programs after that. Click change after selecting the current version of Acroread. To remove Acrobat, follow the instructions that appear on screen.

Then, select the Uninstall Acrobat Reader DC link. If you choose to remove the Acrobat-related files, you will be prompted. Make the confirmation now.

In Summary

While not a virus, Acrotray can slow down your computer. As we’ve seen, there are various ways to uninstall it if you decide you don’t need it. If you decide to keep it, make sure it is authentic and eliminate anything that appears to be a virus by using the methods listed above.

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