Amazon Baby Registry: How to Set up An Amazon Baby Registry in 2023?

2An excellent way to keep track of the items you need to purchase for your child and to enable friends and family to give them gifts is by setting up an Amazon baby registry. Although it’s not a skill that everyone has, creating a baby registry on Amazon is a simple and useful process.

For all parents-to-be, creating a global registry is a wise decision. It can reduce the cost of your baby shower and help you avoid embarrassing situations when you receive duplicate gifts.

I’ll go through how Amazon baby registries function and how to build one because it has become clear that it is the best site for hosting one.

I’ll start now.

How to Set up An Amazon Baby Registry in 4 Easy Steps?

It is really simple to set up a registration on Amazon. Get your Amazon baby registry website up and going by carefully following these four steps.

Step 1: Create Your Amazon Baby Registry

On this site, make a brand-new baby registry. If you don’t already have an Amazon account, you’ll see a page asking you to sign up.

Step 2: Complete the form with your information

amazon baby registry

Once you have registered, fill out the necessary information about you, the baby, and the manner in which you would like to receive gifts.

The shipping address is very important. Choose a location where there is a high probability that someone will be there to accept deliveries at all times.

Take note of the available gifts. The Diaper Fund, Amazon gift cards, and group gifting for things costing more than a certain amount are all options available through this menu item.

Those who sign up for Amazon gift cards have the choice to send you a gift card in the amount of their choice rather than making their own purchases of baby supplies. Those looking to save money should definitely go with it.

You can ask your loved ones to contribute money to the Diaper Fund, up to a maximum of $550, in order to purchase diapers. Gift cards for Amazon are a common type of donation. They aren’t only limited to diaper purchases on

And lastly, allowing group gifting for purchases over a predetermined threshold enables donors to make any amount of gift they choose. Your shopping list won’t have to be limited to cheap items.

There are three different methods you can set your registry’s accessibility:

  • Everyone should be able to view it online, therefore making it available.
  • Only the people you shared it with should be able to access it. For this selection, you will receive a private URL.
  • Make sure your registration is private. You and the other co-registrants will be the only ones to see it.
  • Whenever a product is bought from the register or if there are special deals, Amazon will let you know. In order to receive special discounts, you may also sign up for the Amazon Registry Newsletter.

Step 3: Add Items to Your New Baby Registry

You’ll be taken to a website where you may add list of items to your recently made baby registry after Amazon has sent you there. The process is divided into two steps:

Examine the registry checklist. You’ll find a list of carefully arranged infant essentials made by Amazon.
Go to a single product page on Amazon and include that item in your baby registry.
List items can easily be modified or eliminated. You can go straight to the store and purchase any baby supplies you require right now. When you’re unsatisfied with a product, Amazon even accepts returns.

At the top of your registration page, you’ll discover a few quick-access links to key menus.

You may always change your settings in the registry settings.
Add Items To start constructing your wishlist, select this option.
Registry: To share the URL with loved ones, use the Share Registry button in this menu.
Box of Goodwill Finish the baby registry procedure to gain access to Amazon’s surprise welcome box for parents and infants.
Completion Discount: Get special savings of up to 20% off when you finish a transaction with the Diaper Fund. Prospective mothers who chose to include a diaper fund in the register settings can view the total donations right away. The savings are also applicable to Amazon Family and Prime memberships.

Step 4: Let friends and family members know about your baby registry

amazon baby registry

When the baby registry is finished, it’s time to inform friends and family.

Simply select Share Your Registration to achieve this. You’ll be provided with a URL that you can share with anyone you want to give a gift to. Also, if you’d prefer, you can choose to make the registry publicly accessible.

Everyone who has access to the URL can order your wishlist by price and priority. For the purpose of preventing double gifting, all previously purchased items will be tagged appropriately.

What Should Be Listed on Your Baby Registry?

It can be a little more challenging than you think to find products to add to your wishlist. While most people offer presents after the baby is born, it is advised to include goods you won’t need immediately away.

You should think about adding a few expensive items to your baby registry in addition to the necessities. Things like clothing, cuddly toys, and blankets are always good choices.

Utilize the Amazon Baby Registry Checklist in the Following Ways:

The Registry Checklist and the Checklist button are both located on the top menu. While using Amazon’s baby registry lookup option, you can select goods from 12 different categories, each of which has a number of different themes. Clicking on categories will also allow you to expand them into more subcategories.

Clicking Add to Registry in each product box makes adding products simple. To read more information, including the description and reviews, simply click on the item.

As soon as you’ve entered all the things you require in that category, check the box next to it.

What to Do if You Want to Return an Amazon Gift

Visit the Thank You & Returns page, choose the item you wish to return, and then proceed to return your order. Amazon’s Online Return Center streamlines the procedure.

Can You Have More Than One Baby Registries?

Yes. Having many registries is possible, but not all of them will be open to the public at once and active. The second baby registry will take the place of your first active register, making it dormant by default.

The first baby register (for the first child) should be deleted or archived in favor of making a fresh Amazon baby registry for each subsequent child.

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How to Create a Second Amazon Baby Registry?

amazon baby registry

To establish a second Amazon baby registry, follow these three steps:

1. Delete the previous registry and activate a new one.

This is a great choice if you have a second baby and want to start a new registry or if you no longer need any things from your original list.

2. Add New Products to Your Old Registry.

Even after every item has been struck out, editing an existing registry is still possible. If you select this alternative, you will not, however, be eligible to receive a free Amazon welcome box.

3. Erase Your Old Registry and Start Over.

Picking this choice requires caution. All unclaimed rewards and incentives, according to Amazon, will be lost even though they will erase all of the data from your prior registration.

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