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Rand Gauthier used the internet to build a successful network in his act of retaliation against Tommy Lee, selling his private tape with Pamela Anderson as well as stealing his safe. The previous three episodes tracked the factors that led to Tommy and Rand’s animosity while also narrating Pam and Tommy’s love story. In Pam & Tommy Episode 4, Pam and Tommy had to deal with the fallout from Rand’s retaliation.

One can have high expectations for Pam & Tommy Episode 4 after watching the previous episodes. Yet, it fails to advance the plot and instead cycles around, making the story somewhat uninteresting and devoid of humour (considering it s a comedy-drama show).

The only thing to remember from Episode 4 is how Pamela reacts when she learns the truth about the recording, even though, to be quite honest, Episode 3 previously hinted at this. We had anticipated that Episode 4 would shed more light on Pam’s battle to establish herself as a real performer, but perhaps the writers are saving it for later installments. But, the catastrophe has already occurred on screen, so the emotional suffering won’t do much to save the show.

The Tape That Derails Everything

Pam and Tommy began attempting to conceive soon after being married, and in Episode 3, Pam finally receives the excellent news from the doctor regarding her pregnancy. The couple’s bliss is fleeting, though.

Tommy believes Pam’s sonogram belongs in his priceless safe because it is a treasured memory, but he later discovers that the safe has long since disappeared. Pam recollects the unlabeled tape that Tommy kept within it as he swiftly reports the incident to the authorities and Tommy is listing his weapons and jewellery to the officers.

At Pam’s urging, Tommy makes contact with private investigator Anthony Pellicano, who recognises that the carpenter who set up their home’s CCTV cameras may also have been responsible for the safe’s theft. Without further ado, Anthony visits Rand and tries to intimidate him, but Rand is adamant about keeping his information to himself.

Pam sees a few cameramen playing the clip on the Baywatch sets in a flash, already having nightmares from worrying too much about the recording. When she panics and comes to Tommy for assistance, the couple eventually discovers the website created just for them.

Tommy is pretty certain that Anthony would handle the situation to the best of his abilities, but Pamela has a lot on the line. She tries to explain the same to Tommy, but the two are at odds since Tommy doesn’t comprehend what a lady would mean by a leaked recording.

Pam’s worries and fears, however, not only interfere with her mental stability but also cause her to miscarry. As a result, their marriage is visibly strained, and Pam’s fury is directed at a photographer who was photographing the couple at their unfortunate time.

A tragic event like that might seem like the end of the world to someone else, but the media, which thrives on rumours and peeks into the private lives of celebrities, finds it incredibly convincing when a movie star loses their cool and acts in a way that is against the rules but is entirely human. The rumour of Pamela fighting the paparazzi will then spread widely through the media, but no one will dare to inquire into the other side of the incident because they can only sell gossip rather than reason and rationality.

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The Hypocrite Hustler

Rand Gauthier presents himself as a giddy neighbourhood kid with lofty ambitions and big ideas who speculates readily and expects a lot but does little to make it happen instead always looking for quick money. Following his true nature, Rand suggested selling Pam and Tommy’s recording online. However, Karma had other plans for him, as his partner, Uncle Miltie, kept all the proceeds and never gave Rand his rightful share.

Due to the fact that he hadn’t yet granted Erica, his estranged wife, a divorce, Rand needed money to pay for the alimony. Rand knows that he is still in love with or fascinated with Erica, even if he promises himself that he will grant Erica a divorce as soon as Miltie pays him.

Rand is attacked from all sides as a result of the events in Pam & Tommy Episode 4. To get Rand to return the stolen tape, Anthony Pellicano first arrives on his door and beats him. Tommy later contacts the motorcycle gang after learning that Rand is already selling the cassettes, and they come to Miltie’s studio, Ingley Studios, in search of Rand. They go to Rand’s house as well, where Rand flees through the back door and dashes to Erica’s place to avoid Tommy’s anger.

Uncle Miltie, on the other hand, waits until the last minute to leave town and flees to Amsterdam, leaving Rand behind to deal with the criminals and police.

Seth Rogen’s ability to portray a character like Rand Gauthier, who in one scene advises a bootlegger not to sell tapes of Pam and Tommy illegally in the parking lot of Tower’s Records, is amazing. The audience can clearly hear Seth Rogen explaining himself (or Rand) that he built an empire by selling off people’s privacy, which may ruin a person’s life, rather than preaching to the vendor when he informs him that what he is doing is wrong and unlawful.

The dangers to Rand’s life will worsen in the forthcoming episodes of Pam & Tommy. At the same time, Pamela must deal with the fallout from her impetuous aggression, which is likely to generate unfavourable press and hurt her upcoming movie, Barb Wire. What will be more dramatic, though, is to watch how these setbacks and rejections effect Pam and Tommy’s marriage as it ultimately disintegrates.

Hulu currently has Pam & Tommy Episode 4 available.

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