How to Turn Off Do Not Disturb on iOS 15? A Step to Step Guide in 2023!

how to turn off do not disturb

The iPhone’s Do Not Disturb function can be life-changing whether you’re trying to get some shut-eye or need to concentrate without interruptions. However, leaving it on all the time isn’t recommended. It’s possible that you’ll lose track of incoming calls, texts, and social media updates. If you want to prevent this issue, this guide will … Read more

How To Unblock On Snapchat

We constantly want our possessions, especially our technology, to represent our personalities. Because of this, we frequently alter the appearance of our gadgets, whether it be with a sticker or skin on the exterior or a wallpaper, dock, or widget inside the device. After all, we want to personalise the tool, right? Adding live dynamic … Read more

YouTube Invalid Response Received

The error notice “Invalid answer received” may appear while using YouTube in a number of different situations. The Invalid response received error message can be removed, therefore you’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how to do it. In this article, we’ll go over a few practical techniques for fixing the Invalid response … Read more

How To Make A Public Profile On Snapchat

Your Snapchat story doesn’t have to be seen by everyone, especially if it’s more private in nature. Given that you can change your privacy settings to make any and every Snapchat story private, Snapchat appears to agree. Both you and your pals can choose how private you want them to be. You can be chosen … Read more

How To Get Streaks Back on Snapchat

You and your pals will enjoy the challenge of keeping up your streaks on Snapchat. Snapstreaks have reportedly lasted up to 2,400 days, or more than six years! Some Snapchat users give a lot of importance to their snapstreaks and frequently use them as an indicator of the quality of their friendships. You and a … Read more

How to save games with Dolphin

Dolphin makes it simple to save games since it functions as you would expect. The default location of the folder is in your Documents folder, but you can modify that location using the settings. If you have a save from another computer or the internet, you can put it in the folder you’ve specified, and … Read more