How to Delete Google Search History? A Step-to-Step Guide in 2023

It’s no secret that your searches have directly contributed to the advertising revenue of the technological behemoth Google, as Google is by far the most popular search engine. As a result of this unsettling reality, many internet users are looking for ways to clear their Google history and cover their tracks online.

You have the right to protect your privacy, regardless of how helpful Google may be. The trick is to figure out how much data the search engine behemoth has on you and disable its tracking features.

What History Does Google Keep?

Most consumers believe that if they clean their browser’s history, Google won’t be able to use their online habits for advertising purposes. In a word, no. Google has, over the course of several decades, amassed an extensive ecosystem of apps and services that have grown ubiquitous.

Google has developed a system that collects data about its users’ activities across its many platforms and keeps it centrally. This implies that Google can track your online activity across different websites, applications, and Google services.

Google knows, for instance, what kinds of movies you’re watching on YouTube and what locations you’ve searched for on Google Maps. The apps you’ve downloaded can also be used as analytics to show you more relevant adverts. If you have it set up in your Google account settings, Google may also save your voice searches and recordings.

Many people are worried about Google’s ability to track and store their every search and app interaction. Data breaches have occurred in the past, exposing the personal information of hundreds of thousands of users despite the internet giant’s efforts to protect the data.

Since then, many people have taken preventative measures to erase their Google search history and prevent the search engine from tracking their online activities.

Check out our comprehensive guide if you’re curious about your personal information on Google.

Instructions for Erasing Web-Browsing Tracks

delete google search history

Google creates a local cache of your search history on your computer or mobile device. When you erase browsing activity from Chrome, all of the associated files are deleted. Note that clearing local history won’t remove Google searches from your account; for that, you’ll need to clear your Google history.

However, clearing your Chrome history is the first step toward protecting your online anonymity. Detailed instructions are provided below.

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Chrome’s History and How to Delete It?

delete google search history
  • Get started with Google Chrome.
  • To access the browser’s menu, select the three vertical dots located in the top right corner.
  • Select Privacy and Security from the Settings menu.
  • Choose to Erase All Online Activities.
  • Select the data you wish to delete and the time span you wish to delete it from.

Select the button labeled “Clear Data.” If you have months or years of browser history stored on your devices, this could be a lengthy procedure.

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The Best Way to Clear Your Google Search History

Even if you clear your browser’s local history, Google may still use your browsing habits to serve you ads. Deleting your Google history is the only way to remove your searches and app usage data from Google’s servers.

Follow these steps to remove your search history from Google.

  • Visit and click on Data & Privacy in the side menu.
  • Under History Settings, select My Activity. This link takes you to a page where you may control your Google, YouTube, app, and location data.
  • Choose to Remove from the menu that appears below the search box.
  • Select All Hours and verify your chosen offerings.
  • Go ahead and delete your Google account’s history.

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