Does Discord keep crashing on your iOS device? Let’s fix it

You are here as a result of your iOS device crashing while using Discord. We understand your annoyance, which is why we have provided you with a few ways to try and solve the issue. The Discord App is available for download on every iOS device, including the iPad, iPhone, and reliable iPod touch.

Discord has established itself as a platform for connecting with like-minded people outside of the gaming world, in a variety of hobbyist groups, and in fan clubs. Discord focuses mostly on community development and gives servers the ability to divide themselves into several sub-channels for various topics.

For instance, a Discord server for 3D printing might separate itself into sections for STL printing, Resin printing, Member showcases, General Talk, and more. For huge groups, which can have up to 827,000 members for Fortnite, it keeps everything orderly.

Despite the fact that they had attempted to compete with Steam by giving away free games, Discord is now incredibly accessible to everyone with a smart device, PC, or Mac.

Discord enables greater organisation and more control over notification settings as opposed to Facebook Messenger, where all users are thrown into one big group and remarks can spread to potentially dangerous places.

Remembering that one user can join up to 100 servers, managing notifications is essential for keeping Discord under control. Server per server, administrators can control whether users receive all notifications or just mention notifications.


Discord crashing on iOS

In terms of platform performance, Discord occasionally collides with iOS and lags/crashes. This implies that the Discord app may abruptly shut down or run very slowly. Here are some methods for troubleshooting to get you back online.



General performance fixes

Discord has a few secret options that occasionally conflict with iOS settings. Your lag and crashes can be caused by one of these:

Go to User Settings > Privacy and Safety in Discord and turn off or disable Use data to improve Discord. The app’s speed may be impacted by this feature, which reports crashes and other usage data to Discord to aid in app improvement.

Also, performance conflicts and crashes due to hardware acceleration are possible.

Go to Appearance in User Settings, then disable Hardware Acceleration. Finally, closing any background programmes will significantly improve performance.

Several apps open at once can seriously damage performance; to bring up and close any running programmes, simply swipe up and hold your finger in the centre of the screen. Still having problems? Next, you should see:



Prevent image-based crashes

If you enter a server channel that is loaded with images, video, or emojis, crashes may result. Let’s modify the way that Discord plays animated emojis and GIFS by default.

You must locate and turn off Automatically play GIFs and Autoplay animated Emoji by going to User Settings > Text and Pictures.

This should, ideally, stabilise crashes caused by these occurrences.



Fixing lag and slow performance

For later iPhone models, slow apps should be a thing of the past, especially for a low-use app like Discord. When you are not using Discord, background app refresh repeatedly refreshes, eating up temporary RAM.

this time, navigate to Settings > General > Background App on your iPhone. Discord should be refreshed and turned off to stop this from happening.

Installing Discord again after deletion is the simplest approach. Your account clears any settings and cached files that might be causing crashes and slowdown, and all of your user data remains exactly where it is. Also, it guarantees you have access to the newest version.

Does Discord work on iOS 12?

Discord announced in January 2022 that the most recent version of the app requires iOS 11 or newer of Apple’s operating system. Thus Discord ought to function properly if you’re on iOS 12. Unfortunately, utilising the Discord software will be challenging for people whose Apple devices can no longer be updated past iOS 10.


Having Discord crash on your iOS device might be really annoying. We have provided a few fixes to assist you in resolving any issues you might be having with your app. In the end, it can be difficult to determine the cause of your app’s crashes, so we advise testing each of these modifications to see if they help.

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