Fix the ‘iOS your network settings prevent content from loading privately’ error

Accessed January 18, 2023

You’ve come to this page because you want to know what it means on iOS when it says that your network settings prevent content from loading privately. Well, don’t worry. Below, we outline and walk you through the necessary processes.

Apple frequently rebrands and elevates established technologies into wonders of the world (that more or less works the same but with a fancy name). Regardless of preferences, Apple’s own VPN service, Private Relay, is bundled with the Apple Cloud+ plan.

On paper, it appears to be very similar to the VPN service you now use. Although, regrettably, you cannot select your area to open streaming services.

It’s all well and good to make sure you have a fake IP that prevents your ISP from monitoring your behaviour when you browse Safari, but what happens if it breaks down or has some downtime?

This is exactly what iOS users are seeing when they encounter the error message “Your network settings restrict content from loading privately” when attempting to access their Gmail or other mail account.


How to fix iOS your network settings prevent content from loading privately



Check whether iCloud is down

Checking whether iCloud Private Relay is unavailable on Apple’s service status page should be your first course of action. If so, you’ll just have to wait for Apple to resolve their internal server problems.



iOS 15 and iCloud+ needed

Can’t you see the Private Relay service option in your settings? If your iPhone cannot run iOS 15hereandupdate, you will not be able to use the service. You’ll also need a current iCloud+ subscription.



Private Relay Sync

Private Relay may be enabled, but it may not be using your current data or WiFi connection. Fear not; this can occur with any VPN; all we need to do is make sure it’s synced.

Depending on the connection you are presently using, go to Settings > Data or WiFi. Then, hit the I icon next to the active connection, and then tap the toggle there to enable Private Relay. Next, slide up from your home screen to open the app drawer. Locate the open mail application and close it. The iOS problem with your network settings preventing content from loading secretly should then be fixed.



Disable other VPN and whitelist

Running a VPN service concurrently with Private Relay will only conflict and create problems. If you want to utilise Private Relay, make sure you uninstall any additional VPN programmes. Additionally, your firewall or antivirus programme may be preventing your mail app from connecting. Be sure to go into your anti-virus, anti-malware, or firewall software and add your preferred mail app to the whitelist or exceptions list.



Mail Privacy

You might be encountering the iOS error Your network settings prevent content from loading secretly because Mail Privacy Protection is enabled. You can disable it, but doing so exposes you to privacy risks, so use this option at your own risk. To disable Mail privacy protection, navigate to Settings > Mail > Privacy Protection and then flip the switch to the off position.



Reset iPhone

Your network settings on iOS should no longer prohibit material from loading privately, according to the problem. We advise you to reset your iPhone by navigating to Settings > General > Reset and then selecting Erase All Content and Settings if you are still experiencing problems after trying these instructions. Before you reset, make sure you have backed up your data using iCloud or another cloud storage option.

iOS your network settings prevent content from loading privately conclusion

And that ought to be all. Make sure you have correctly completed the procedures listed above in order to resolve the problem if you’re still experiencing it.

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