Fix The Orange Light On An Xbox One Power Brick

The Xbox One power brick has established itself as a defining feature of contemporary XBOX console designs. It is the component that fuels your console, providing it with all the vital juice required to run gorgeous AAA Games with breathtaking graphics. Usually, all you need to do to get it set up is connect it into the wall and the console’s back, and you’re ready to go.

Yet occasionally, you could experience some problems with your power brick. Xbox players often battle with the orange light coming on problem, which is one specific error. What does the orange light actually mean? How can you make it right? Take a moment to relax and take a big breath if you are wondering about this matter.

Everything you’ll need to know about how to resolve the orange light on an Xbox One Power Brick is provided in the guide below. We’ll go over the typical causes of this as well as the simplest solution you may use to solve it.

What Is The Light Doing?

The first thing you should do is determine whether the orange light is steady or flashing. A consistent orange light might suggest that the power brick is fine, but a flashing orange light suggests that the power brick is broken.

It could appear a little mysterious at first, but after you figure out what’s going on, it shouldn’t be too challenging to understand. Let’s begin by examining the two various power brick types:

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Your console receives electricity from APSU. They often come in a range of sizes and shapes these days. Typically, they resemble this:

A wall wart style power brick is the name for this kind of power brick. They often come in a uniform size, making it simple to fit them anyplace. They are normally dependable, but they aren’t extremely long-lasting. Because of this, you should probably replace them every few years.

Some power brick designs employ a more compact form factor. They are referred to as mini-psus. They are far more durable even though they don’t offer as much versatility as their bigger cousins. They are frequently discovered in desktop and laptop computers.


The most important part of your console is its motherboard. It has the circuitry needed for your console to function. Typically, your console’s motherboard is inside of it, however several models have been created without a separate motherboard.

Let’s now discuss how a motherboard and a power brick differ from one another. A power brick that is connected to a console makes a direct connection to the motherboard. The power brick would not be able to work correctly if the motherboard had any kind of problem.

You should take the power brick out of your console to check that your motherboard is operating properly. The power brick won’t cause any troubles if the motherboard is in good condition.

Why Is The Orange Light Flashing?

After discussing the distinctions between a motherboard and a power supply unit, let’s look more closely at what makes the orange light flash. The light could flash for a number of causes, including:

  1. The Power Supply Unit Is Faulty
  2. The Power Supply Unit Has Been Damaged
  3. The Motherboard Is Not Working Properly
  4. The Power Cord Is Broken
  5. The Console Is Unplugged From The Wall
  6. The Power Brick Is Loose.

How To Fix The Orange Light On An Xbox One Power Brick

You can try a few broad solutions to try and resolve this problem. Below, we’ll go over each one in detail.


Peform a power cycle

A hard reset of your console is the quickest and easiest way to resolve a problem. Your console will be reset to factory defaults when you do this and everything will be fully erased from it.



Hold down the power button until the console turns off



Press the power button again to turn your console on

You might need to replace the power brick if you still experience the issue after doing a power cycle.


Replacing A Power Brick

It’s a regrettable possibility, but one that occasionally materialises. Unfortunately, it’s not always inexpensive to replace a power brick. You’ll typically need to buy a new power brick.

In the event that your current power cable is broken or damaged, you might also need to buy a replacement. In general, we advise purchasing a new power chord first to determine whether the issue lies with the chord. You can locate fresh power bricks here if you do need to purchase one.

In conclusion, there are a few probable causes for your power brick’s potential malfunction. We hope that this information has helped you identify and resolve the issue. Check out our FAQ section below if you still have questions; it will help you with any that are left over.

Have fun playing!

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