How to Remove Forgot iPhone Password? A Complete Guide in 2023!

The official recommendation from Apple for removing a forgotten iPhone passcode is to return the device to factory settings. However, many people do not like this approach because it is difficult and may result in some unforeseen issues that worsen the iPhone.

This article will show you how to bypass the iPhone’s passcode protection in the event that you’ve forgotten it.

Why Is It Not a Good Choice to Restore Your iPhone?

If you have lost the password on your iPhone and need to restore it, Apple provides two options, each with perks and downsides. This is why many iPhone users seek an alternative to restoring their device in order to bypass a forgotten passcode.

Then, you must disable Locate My iPhone before restoring your iPhone with iTunes. But Locate My iPhone is enabled by default on every iPhone, and very few people ever disable it.

You can’t execute a restore if you can’t disable Locate My iPhone, which is impossible if you’ve forgotten your passcode and can’t access your iPhone.

Second, it’s more of a pain to have to use recovery mode to restore your iPhone. Certain iPhones, it is reported, become inoperable after becoming trapped in an endless recovery mode cycle. Although this outcome was not predetermined, it did occur.

Can I Remove Forgotten iPhone Passcode without Losing Data?

Any technique to remove your forgotten iPhone passcode, including those provided by Apple and any third-party methods, will also delete your personal data unless you have already backed up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud. If you have a backup of your iPhone, resetting the passcode won’t cause you to lose any of your data.

How to Remove Forgotten iPhone Passcode without Restoring?

Method 1: Using iCloud

forgot iphone password

The Find My iPhone tool in iCloud was made to help users locate their misplaced or stolen iPhones, but it can also be used to delete all data on the device in the event that you have forgotten the passcode.

All of your data and settings, including the password, will be deleted when you use Wipe iPhone, but your iPhone will not be restored to its factory settings or updated to a newer version of iOS.

It’s significantly less complicated and risky than restoring an iPhone, thus it’s the preferred option. If you want to follow along, you’ll need a computer or smartphone that can connect to the internet.

Step 1: visit from any computer or mobile device with an internet browser and log in using your Apple ID. Your iPhone’s Apple ID should be used here as well. Following authentication, select the Locate iPhone option.

Step 2: Once inside the Locate My iPhone page, choose your iPhone and click Wipe iPhone to wipe it clean of all information, including the forgotten passcode.

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Method 2: Using iPhone Passcode Refixer

forgot iphone password

The alternative to restoring your iPhone when you’ve forgotten the passcode is to employ a professional iPhone passcode erasure tool. If you’ve forgotten the passcode on your iPhone but don’t want to restore it through iTunes, iPhone Passcode Refixer is one app that can help you get around this problem.

For these instructions to work, you’ll need a Windows PC. Get your hands on a Windows machine, or beg, borrow, or steal one from a friend.

Step 1 Then, get the iPhone Passcode Refixer from the official website and install it on your computer. Use it once it’s been installed.

Step 2: To continue, click Start after clicking Unlock Lock Screen from the main interface.

Step 3, you’ll need to have your iPhone connected to the computer and ready to go before you can click Next.

Step 4: wait for the software to detect your iPhone, at which point you will be presented with the following window. To obtain the iPhone software update, select Download. In a few of minutes, the download will begin automatically and finish. Maintain your iPhone’s connection to your computer while you wait for the transfer to finish.

Step 5: everything is set. Just tap the Unlock button, and the program will get to work instantly to unlock your iPhone. Afterward, you can relax while it deletes itself. The time commitment is minimal.

When the message “Unlock Screen Successfully” appears in Step 6 of the software, you will know that your iPhone passcode has been successfully erased. Your device can then be re-activated and used.

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