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We can’t even begin to comprehend how the high-tech equipment used in modern combat functions. The stakes are so high that strategies are meticulously devised. Casino Warcouldn’t be more dissimilar: it’s easy to play, lacks a genuine strategy, and costs just a few cents.

Having said that, you won’t want to lose Casino War, just as you wouldn’t have done if you had played the traditional card game with your grandmother at home on the porch.

If you’ve never played Casino War, you may discover it at other casinos under a different name because Shuffle Master, which is part of the Scientific Games family of companies, owns the naming rights. You can discover this authorised version right here at TwinSpires Casino.

Casino War Rules

There is no easier way to play Casino War. You stake your bet against the dealer, and the game begins (the minimum is just 10 cents). After that, each of you is dealt a playing card, and the winner is determined by the card’s worth. In poker, all cards are ranked from 2 to 10, with the jack, queen, king, and ace being the highest.

These are the potential results.

  • Your card is higher you win your bet in a 1:1 payout
  • The dealer s card is higher the dealer wins, and you lose your bet

I can hear you asking (or muttering under your breath in a bewildered manner) “But what happens if both cards are the same.” As before, it depends…

  • If you placed a bet in the bonus “Tie” box, you win a 10:1 payout
  • You can choose to Surrender, and receive half of your original bet back, and move on to the next hand
  • You can elect to Go to War! In which case, you must double your stake (and again bet on the tie bonus if you wish). The dealer burns three cards then deals one more to you and one to themselves. If you win, you win 1:1 on your top-up bet while your initial stake is returned. If you lose, well, you lose the lot. If it s a tie, the process is repeated.

This joyful situation continues as long as you like. After all, wars can go on for quite a while.

What are the Casino War Odds?

You could believe that the odds are about even when playing Casino War online. That is accurate insofar as both you and the dealer have a 46.3% chance of winning on the opening hand. Yet, that falls a significant distance short of 50:50. What makes the difference is whether you ever back the tie (to receive a 10:1 payout) and how you proceed after a tie.

You are better off always going to war, according to statistics. Never give up! Also, despite being entertaining, you shouldn’t gamble on the tie bonus for each round based on statistics.

Because Casino War has a modest house edge, if you play continuously using the optimal strategy, don’t bet the tie bonus, and constantly go to war, you can expect to lose gradually over time.

Casino War House Edge

The betting similarities to Baccarat, where you simply back Player, Banker, or Tie, may be obvious to astute readers. It’s not surprising that the house edge for both games is similarly low. The house edge in casino war is just over 2%, whereas it is slightly over 1% in baccarat. In Casino War, you may therefore reasonably anticipate losing $2 for every $100 wagered over the long term, which is not bad.

The Casino War game is highly volatile, yet there are unavoidable short-term changes. It’s not uncommon to observe streaks of five consecutive heads or tails, much as when you flip a coin. Occasionally more The dealer’s card may frequently be superior than yours in the same way. Because of this, be sure to set your bets low enough to withstand a losing streak or high enough to profit from a winning streak.

Play Casino War Online at TwinSpires Casino

This essay will hopefully convince you to attempt Casino War if you have never thought about doing so. If you haven’t already, create an account at TwinSpires Casino (available with a sizable welcome bonus), after which you should proceed to the virtual casino floor to engage in friendly conflict with a dealer. Good fortune!

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