How To Change Voice on Google Translate

Beyond only translating simple words, Google Translate offers a wide range of other capabilities. The software will translate your words-for-word speech when you speak complete phrases into your phone’s microphone. You can also scan any texts and messages that you may see on a public transportation system. Learn how to change the voice on Google Translate in this post.

Google Translate Langauges

You might not like Google Translate’s default voice, therefore it makes sense if you wish to alter it. You should be aware that each language has a unique voice in an effort to mimic the regional accent.

Yet because some languages are not entirely optimised, the translation voice may annoy and be challenging for native speakers to understand. Another justification for wanting to alter this app’s voice is this. The regional dialect will have a different accent, but the voice itself cannot be modified directly.

For many languages, including English, this is helpful. A British or Australian native will always sound different from an American. If you only want to modify the voice for the English language, you can choose from a number of different areas. As follows:

  • Australia
  • India
  • Nigeria
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Although there are other alternatives, they solely allow speech input. This implies that you can use their particular accent when speaking, and Google Translate will pick it up after listening to your speech. Yet through the speakers on your device, the speech output will be transmitted together with the translated text.

How To Change Voice on Google Translate

Google Translate supports a huge number of other languages, each with its own voice. But, the sounds of the words will differ. An English phrase will sound wrong when read aloud in the voice of another language, rendering the message incomprehensible.

Yet, if the words are in the language of this area, the same voice will pronounce them flawlessly. So, there are only 5 easy steps to follow if you wish to change the voice for Google Translate on your iPhone or iPad. If you pay close attention to what they say, you will notice how simple it is to alter the default voice and fix your issue.

Make sure you follow these instructions precisely and without skipping any. When you’re prepared, grab your gadget and carry out the following:



Activate Google Translate

Launch the Google Translate application. Search for it in the AppStore if you haven’t already installed it. It usually appears as the top result. After confirming the installation, let the device a few seconds to download the software.



Launch Settings

Once the app has been launched, look for a little gear symbol in the bottom right corner of the display. Underneath this icon, the text “Settings” will be visible. To access its menu, tap on this icon.



Speech Area

As you can see, there are lots of settings and options available. Even though you might want to look at some of them, focus on the work at hand—changing the area—instead. Search for and select the Speech Region option.



Linguistic Lists

Here, a list of languages can be found. To find your preferred language, use the search bar or scroll down. Also, this is the language in which you will alter your voice.



preferred dialect

Browse through the dialects that are available in your chosen language after making your choice. There, you can select the option of your choice.

While all devices, regardless of operating system, can use this app, some dialects will only be available on iPhones and iPads, while others can only be found on Android smartphones. You can access Google Translate via the browser on your phone as well, but you cannot select a different dialect there.

You must alter the dialect if you wish to modify the voice. You must use the Google Translate app in order to change the dialect. The voice’s gender cannot be changed either because Google pre-selected and fixed these voices as the defaults.


Although it would be convenient to have the option to directly alter the voice, for the time being all you can do is alter the dialect. You’ll hear a new voice that is identical to the one that was disturbing you before if you do this. Maybe Google will adopt new technology in the future and even let us record our own voices.

The translated text would be spoken directly to us using our voice or a familiar voice using this function. The variety of dialects up until that point is what enables us to alter the voice in the Google Translate app.

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