How To Connect Canon Printer To Wi-Fi

You may print images from your smartphone, computer, or tablet with the help of Canon printers, which are fantastic tools. They also provide additional services like document scanning and image copying.

You can also connect to Wi-Fi on the majority of more modern models, eliminating the need for cables to link your device to your printer.

A common method for transferring data over a local network is Wi-Fi. Without the use of cables, it enables communication between PCs and mobile devices. The topic of today’s discussion is how to connect your Canon printer to your Wi-Fi network.


Putting Your Printer On Your Wi-Fi Network

You must confirm that both the printer and the device on which the document is located are on the same Wi-Fi network before wirelessly transferring a document or photo to your printer so it may print it out.

Hence, be sure to use the same Wi-Fi connection for all of your devices and to be aware of which one you are using.



Setting Up A WPS Connection To Your Printer

This takes the least amount of time and is the simplest method for connecting your printer to your Wi-Fi. You must check to see if your router has a WPS button in order to use this method.

Before continuing, make sure the router’s security protocol, which should be WPA or WPA2, is correct.

Making sure everything is turned on and functioning properly will be the first step. Both the device from which you are delivering the document and your Canon printer should be turned on. Now check to see if your router is powered on and has a solid internet connection.



WPS Button Press

Your router’s WPS button should be pressed. Touch the Home button on the printer’s touchscreen as you move there. After selecting and holding Wi-Fi, select LAN Wireless Set Up, then OK.



Creating A Relationship

Your Canon printer ought to start seeking for a Wi-Fi network now. Click your Wi-Fi name from the list that appears, then enter the password.

Before touching any of the parts you are utilising to make this connection, give it a few minutes. Canon printers are no different from other printers in that they take some time to properly connect to a Wi-Fi connection.


Printing With Your Wireless Printer

It should be simple to print now that you have successfully connected your printer to your Wi-Fi.



Wi-Fi Connection for Your Printer

Make sure your Canon printer has a working internet connection and is linked to Wi-Fi first.



Folder For Devices And Printers

In the text box that appears, hit Windows key + R and type control/name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters. To access the Devices & Printers folder, click OK. By clicking the Add Printer box and following the prompts, you may add your Canon here.




To complete the connection between your computer and Canon printer, click OK.

Now that you’ve located the file you want to print, you should be able to choose Print from the menu and see it come to life.

What If Your Printer Doesn t Work?

Printers can be challenging for certain users, and some devices need more diagnostic work than others. You can accomplish this by reading the manual that came with your printer or by speaking with Canon directly to see whether the problem can be fixed.

This ought to have come with your printer, and it frequently includes a FAQ pamphlet that walks you through a variety of problems-solving steps. To be sure your printer is not properly connecting to Wi-Fi, try these.

When you’ve exhausted all of these options and are still having trouble, speak with Canon for assistance.


In conclusion, setting up your printer to connect to Wi-Fi is quite easy. While it does need some work, once you get the hang of it, it’s really fairly simple.

You must check that your Wi-Fi network is equipped with the proper hardware for a connection to your Canon printer. You will need to use a wired connection if it doesn’t.

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