How To Connect Roku Stick To WiFi Without Remote

Losing the TV remote is common. No matter how well you know where they are, they always manage to get away from us.

We frequently feel helpless when the TV remote is missing. If you require the remote control to configure a network connection on your device, it might even be worse.

If you want a TV that makes it simple to stream your favourite TV shows, Roku sticks are a terrific choice. But, a remote is required to configure the WiFi on the Roku stick.

Without a control, follow these easy procedures to connect your Roku stick to WiFi.


Essential Requirements

There are various prerequisites that must be met before your Roku stick may be WiFi connected.

Two cell phones are required since one will serve as a mobile hotspot and the other as a remote control.

Along with this prerequisite, it’s critical that you are aware of the WiFi network’s name and password that are already saved on your Roku stick.

The other prerequisite is that your Roku stick must already be linked to a WiFi network in order for this to function. With no WiFi connection previously established, you cannot connect your Roku stick to the WiFi without a remote.



Create A Hotspot

Making a mobile hotspot is the first step in configuring a Roku stick to connect to the WiFi network. But, if the phone you are using is logged into the same WiFi network as your Roku Stick, you can skip this step.

Your initial action should be to access the Settings menu. The mobile hotspot is typically found under the Connections menu.

The option to Set Up Mobile Hotspot should then appear. You should select this option to activate the mobile hotspot.

Your hotspot will be available if the phone is already logged into the same WiFi network as your Roku device was. If not, you’ll need to enter the WiFi network name and password into your phone.



Transform Your Smartphone Into A Remote

You can put that phone away now that you have created a hotspot.

Connecting this new phone to your mobile hotspot is the first thing you should do. This guarantees that the Roku stick and the phone are both connected to the same network.

The Roku remote app should then be downloaded to your smartphone. On your phone, you may get this from the Play Store or the App Store. Open the app once it has downloaded.

Click on the Device tab after you have launched the application. You must link the phone and Roku stick for this approach to function. The item you are attempting to control should connect after you click on it.

To use this phone as a remote control, click the Remote tab.



Wi-Fi-connect the Roku stick

Now click Establish up connection on the network settings screen. You can select the network you want to connect to after it has searched for all available networks.

Remember that the remote app on your phone will stop working once you join that network. Simply connect your phone to the new WiFi connection that your Roku stick is using to get the app to work.

Final Thoughts

If a Roku stick is not already linked to a WiFi network, there is sadly no way to connect it without using a remote. You would need to purchase a new remote in this situation.

To change the WiFi connection, you can use your cell phone as a remote.

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