How To Cross Out Text In Discord

Users of the programme Discord can connect with one another using text, photos, voice, and video.

Discord is primarily utilised by gamers because it does not contain any adverts and users do not experience pop-ups or interruptions when using it.

Users must be friends with the person speaking in order to join a chat. Moreover, users can add pals. Discord is a fantastic platform for group chats with friends, and learning about all of its features will help you make the most of it.

Markdown, one of the key elements of the Discord application, is used when text is crossed out, but what precisely is it?



Markdown is essentially a language that allows web writers to build simple markup syntax. They can add emphasis to their text without using HTML tags thanks to it.

You only need to become familiar with the symbols in order to use Discord efficiently after which you can change them to suit your preferences.

Markdown gives text messages flair and distinguishes your discussions. To change the formatting of the words, you need only put some punctuation before and after them.

Because you don’t need to open or close tags frequently, markdown is simple to use.

The markdowns’ primary premise is rather simple. The character should be added both before and after the text that activates the intended visual effect.

On the chat window, type the text you want to edit between the characters, and everyone will be able to see the change.

On Discord, Markdown may be used to apply a variety of aesthetic effects. Let’s look at how to generate strikethrough.


Strikethrough Shortcuts



Launch Discord

On your PC or mobile device, launch the Discord app. The next step in the Discord process is to start a chat session with a buddy or a particular server. The entire message that you want to send to other users must then be typed.



putting in two tildes

The strikethrough text formatting style can therefore be obtained by just inputting two tilde symbols. To delete text in Discord, you must use this symbol both before and after the text.

This approach is equally applicable to the mobile version. Simply place two tildes () on either side of the text you want to strike through in Discord to do so.



Adding Bold Text

If you wish to format your text using **bold** text. To highlight words or phrases in Discord chats, use the asterisk (*) sign.

Again, you can apply this technique on the mobile version by simply adding an asterisk (*) as you would on a PC.



8 Keys + Shift

Use the shift key and the number 8 on the keyboard to add this text format to the app. You must place two * symbols at the beginning and end of the text to convert it to bold text format. Moreover, a star’s picture can appear.


Use The Text Strikethrough Button

With Discord, highlighting the text you want to remove is another way to do so.




By clicking, holding down the mouse button at the start of the text, and dragging it to the finish, you can highlight the text.




There should be several separate widgets in a banner that appears. These are the formatting buttons for your text. Click the widget with a capital S and a line through it to strikethrough your text. The button for strikethrough is here.

Final Word

So there you have it—a quick reference manual for using Discord to its full potential. After you have highlighted the text, you can either utilise a widget or keyboard shortcuts to accomplish this.

Strikethroughs are a great way to get rid of words from your message that you don’t want to be there any longer without getting rid of the entire text.

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