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In the eighth episode of Billy the Kid, Lincoln County is experiencing a wind of change. Lawrence P. Murphy wants nothing more than to win John Tunstall over. As they please, the Seven Rivers gang is murdering farmers. William Bonney, also known as Billy, speaks with John Tunstall.

A Legitimate Business

Billy encounters Alex McSween, John Tunstall’s attorney, towards the conclusion of Episode 7. The Kid Billy Episode 8 starts where McSwenn left off, telling Billy about Tunstall’s business and his plans to free the farmers from debt and pay them more for their produce. Tunstall has stocked a wide tract of land ranging in size from 3000 to 4000 acres. Building a reputable business and treating farmers appropriately are the objectives.

Back at the Seven Rings’ final resting place that evening, Billy confides in Jesse his concerns with the way Murphy treats the farmers. Also, he thinks Tunstall presents fair competition. He dislikes Murphy’s goons as well and wonders what Lincoln County would be like without Murphy in charge. But, none of them would be compensated if Murphy didn’t run things. And Jesse tells him precisely this before they both go to bed.

A Death Note

The Seven Rivers gang is tasked with removing some farmers from their property the following day so that it may be sold to investors who are ready to buy. Murphy, however, is hosting a party the evening before this assignment, and their attendance is requested.

At the party, Billy and the other guys show up. Billy once leads Jesse to a corner and lets him know that he won’t be joining them for the following task. While not being pleased, Jesse concurs. Irene Riley, the spouse of Johnny Riley, one of Murphy’s goons, then approaches Billy once more. She has already seen Billy twice, and after this third encounter, it is obvious that she wants to be with him. She claims that she despises her spouse and wants to leave him because he always treats her badly. But Billy firmly denies it since he knows he can’t pull it off. She gives him a kiss before leaving. When Billy sees Murphy staring at him, he understands that he has seen everything.

Billy hears a gunshot behind Murphy’s house as he exits the house. He quickly arrives to discover Murphy holding a gun and Irene lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to her forehead. As well, Murphy is harmed. Irene shot at Murphy when he confronted her about Billy as she left the house through the back door, but the bullet only caught him in the left arm and caused minor injuries. Yet Murphy hits the mark every time. Irene passed away. As Dolan steps in, Billy is going to shoot Murphy when he becomes upset and holds a revolver at the man.

Unnecessary Force

The Seven Rivers crew starts working on their subsequent task the following day. Without giving them any notice to abandon their farms, they viciously murder adults, juveniles, and those in between as they go from farm to farm.

Billy finally meets John Tunstall when Charlie brings him to his property. Tunstall is ready to pay all farmers equitably according to the output they generate. Yet Murphy, who is armed to the teeth, won’t give up his position easily. And for that reason, Tunstall asks Billy to leave Murphy’s and work for him instead. While Tunstall is aware of the numerous bounties Billy is subject to, he will eventually be able to petition the governor on Billy’s behalf. All of this, however, is contingent upon Billy working for Tunstall and his legal enterprise, which will make him shine as brightly as he merits for his reliability and integrity. Billy joining Tunstall is obviously something he wants. Billy will now have to make a decision. When he gets back to where his gang is staying, he learns of all the victims Jesse and the others had murdered.

At one of the farmers’ homes that the Seven Rivers gang stormed, McSween and Tunstall show up. Tunstall is devastated by what he sees the gang have done. Seeing that Sheriff Brady is close to Murphy, they ponder whether he will take any action. While promising to provide their deceased family members a respectable funeral in town, Tunstall offers the woman of the home and her daughter a place to remain at his residence.

As McSween and Dolan meet down with Sheriff Brady, McSween accuses Murphy’s men of killing the 14 individuals. Dolan immediately denies responsibility, claiming that there is no evidence and that another another criminal gang travelling through the county is to blame. Brady claims that the situation is civil and that he would look into it to learn the facts. Murphy is putting the pieces together at his residence to blame Tunstall for the murders.

Billy The Kid Episode 8: Ending Explained- Has the War Begun? Does Billy Join Tunstall?

Billy considers what his father told him as a child, which is that the stars reflect the light that is in him, while he sits under a starry sky. Billy comes to a conclusion. As he returns to town, he once more spots Senorita Dulcinea del Tobosco in front of the bar and makes the decision to speak to her. He introduces himself and explains why he wants to see her once more. She admits that she is aware of Billy’s notoriety and invites him to visit her again if he so chooses. Afterwards, she rides out in her chariot. Charlie then joins him and informs him of a meeting that will take place the following day at McSween’s.

The following day at the meeting, McSween makes it quite obvious that they are at war with Murphy and The House. Murphy’s company is in trouble, and they risk legal action for their illicit actions. Yet due to Murphy and his powerful allies, especially Thomas Catron, Chief of the Santa Fe Ring, they regrettably do not have the law on their side. Also, there are rumours that Murphy has hired six additional sharpshooters. There will be more bloodshed because the conflict cannot be fair in the courtroom. Tunstall claims that in order to live and win this fight, they must have an advantage. And just then, Billy the Kid enters the room, ready to get to work. The fight in Lincoln County has started in earnest.

Billy informs the Seven Rivers gang that he is leaving Murphy’s payroll and joining Tunstall’s company when he gets at their lodging. To put it mildly, the members are enraged and point their pistols at Billy. In contrast, Jesse orders them to put down their weapons out of respect for Billy’s willingness to come clean with them rather than sneak off. They told him to continue on his path since our time will come. Billy is seen riding as Billy’s words about his family’s ambition of immigrating to America on the promise of decent and equitable treatment reverberate over the hills at the conclusion of Billy The Kid Episode 8.

The second season of Billy The Kid will mark the beginning of the end. It’s wartime in Lincoln County. And it won’t be long until Murphy engages Tunstall and his soldiers in a full-scale attack. Tunstall will require more weapons even with Billy by his side. No one is certain how the season will explore the developing romance between Billy and Senorita del Tobosco.

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