How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps on iPhone or Android ? A Step-to-Step Guide in 2023!

As a result of Google Maps’ user-friendliness, it is now standard equipment for any commuter (and has been amusingly name-checked in pop culture).

Any address can be found by simply typing it into the search bar, though there are some cases in which it won’t be enough.

Putting a pin on the map can help you find your way if the destination you’re seeking does not have an address or if the address you have is incorrect. In a similar vein, it may enough to simply place a pin in the broad area if you don’t have the precise location.

That’s a breeze to do on either a traditional computer or a mobile device.

Drop a Pin on Your iPhone or Android Phone

how to drop a pin

Pinning an address in Google Maps on any mobile device works the same way.

Step 1: Fire up Google Maps.

Step 2: Go to the spot on the map where you wish to place the pin, and zoom in as much as you need to have a good look at it.

Step 3: Place your finger on the point where you wish to drop the pin and tap and hold until the pin appears under your finger.

It’s safe to use the pin now. To find out how to travel from where you are now to where you dropped the pin, you can, for instance, select the “Directions” option.

You could pin this for later if you like. Simply give the pin a name by selecting “Label” from the pin’s oval menu. Following then, it will remain accessible in Your Locations permanently. (It’s important to remember that there are some minor functional differences between the Android and iPhone versions of Google Maps. Dropped pins can be saved and labeled in both apps; however, Android users will need to tap the information box at the screen’s bottom to reveal the Label button.

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Drop a Pin on Your Desktop

how to drop a pin

1, fire up Google Maps on your browser.

2 Move the map to the area where you want to place the pin by using the zoom and pan controls.

3. Choose the location where you want to place the pin, and click it. A little grey pin and a box of contextual information should materialize at the screen’s bottom.

It’s time to put in the pin. To access Google Maps’ navigation page, just click the blue Navigate button in the box’s informational tooltip. Put in your starting point and it will give you instructions to your destination. To view additional details about the location you’ve chosen, you can also click elsewhere in the info box. You can add this spot to Your Locations and access it with one click in the future by clicking the Save symbol.

Keep in mind that Google Maps only allows you to drop one pin at a time; if you click or tap again, the new pin will replace the old one. You also need to be in your Google account before you can save a dropped pin to Your Locations.

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