How To Format SD Card To Fat32

You might need to format a new SD card to Fat32 if you intend to use it to transfer files across computers running different operating systems. In general, USB sticks and SD cards use the Fat32 file system, which is a 32-bit variant of the FAT file system.

By organising the space on your drive, this file system allows you to store files and access them from any type of computer.

You may learn how to format an SD card to Fat32 in this post.


Formatting Cards That Are 32GB Or Under

Most cards that you buy will be sold to you already formatted to Fat32 if they have 32GB of space or less. Nonetheless, it is quite simple to return a card to this filing system if it has been formatted incorrectly.

There are several approaches to doing this, which we have outlined below.



Formatting An SD Card With Windows Disk Management

Using Windows Disk Management is the simplest approach to change a USB stick’s or SD card’s formatting.

You can access this programme by typing Disk Management into your laptop’s search bar.

You can also access it by starting the Command Prompt and entering diskmgmt.MSC.

But as soon as the application is open, you ought to be able to scroll down until you locate the disc you wish to format.

Choose the Format option from the list that appears when you right-click the drive.

You can choose how you want to format your drive in the new window that will appear once you click this. To find Fat32, select File System from the menu and then scroll down the list of choices.


Formatting Drives Over 32 GB

Typically, drives larger than 32 GB won’t work with the Fat32 file system. Yet this can be avoided by using third-party applications like EaseUs Partition Manager or the FAT32 format tool.



Formatting A Drive With Fat32 Format Tool

To format a drive greater than 32 GB to the Fat32 file system, utilise one of the easiest programmes. All you have to do is download and install the FAT32 Format utility on your computer.

Once you’ve done that, a window will appear in which you can choose the drive and size of the allocation unit that you want to format.

Simply press the start button when you are finished, then wait for your drive to format.



Formatting A Drive With EaseUs Partition Master

Though slightly more complicated than the last piece of software we examined, the EaseUs Partition Master can accomplish more tasks.

Install the EaseUs Partition Master by downloading it from the company’s website. The drive you want to format can then be chosen from the list in the main window of the software by opening it.

Once your drive has been selected, select Format. To start formatting your disc, choose Fat32 from the list of file systems and press Start.


Formatting a drive to Fat32 doesn t take long, and it means you will be able to swap files between computers with different operating systems. This is great for anyone who works with multiple computers and needs to be able to switch between them quickly and easily.

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