How To Game Share On PS4

Game sharing is a useful function of the Playstation 4 that you may not be aware of. It’s a terrific method for you to share your favourite games with friends and family.

While personally handing a friend a game to try out can be simple, game sharing enables you to do it with a lot more games without ever having to leave your sofa.

There are two main components to game sharing: share play, which enables you and another player to play a game for a brief time together, and sharing your complete library with friends and family.

In the sections below, we’ll walk you through using this enjoyable next-generation function step by step.


Library Sharing

Here is how you utilise game share to give any friend or family member of your choosing access to your complete game library.



Activate Primary PS4

The first step is to visit the PlayStation 4 of your choice and sign in using your account.

Then, select settings by moving your cursor over the dashboard’s far right corner.

When you tap it, a number of options will appear; select Activate as your primary PS4 to tell your account that this particular Playstation can share games.



Download Games

Your friend or family member will then have complete access to every game you possess, albeit they will still need to manually download them.

Game sharing is an excellent addition because it allows you and your chosen friend to play the same games at the same time even though only one of you purchased them.


Share Play

Sharing play is a little different and a more active, safe technique that can be fantastic for just letting a buddy try a game you’ve suggested or if you’re stuck and need a friend to assist you out.



Start A Party

Your friend will initially require a Playstation 4 online. In order for Share Play to function properly, Sony additionally advises that both consoles run at software 2.0 or higher and at least 2MBPS.

Once all of information has been verified, invite your friend to a Playstation party to inform the console about the person you wish to Sharing Play with.



Share Button

The next step is to launch share play by pressing the Share button on the Dualsense controller’s corner.

When presented with a menu of options, choose Start share play. After choosing a friend from the party to invite, there will be a brief transition before your friend can see your screen and the game you are playing.



Sharing The Controller

Sharing play is now active and will remain so for 60 minutes until you must restart.

Your friend may either watch you play the game from here or you can hand them the controller by tapping Share once more, choosing Go to party for share play, and then selecting Let visitor to play as you on the right side.

You can even invite a friend to join you in playing your game by selecting Give controller to guest when you get to that screen.

You can cancel share play at any time by going back to the same screen and using the Take back controller button to regain control of your game.


Take advantage of game sharing with your closest friends and family members because it’s one of the PlayStation 4’s most entertaining and original features.

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