How To Get Discord On PS4

December 22, 2022: Latest Update

A voice and text chat programme for gamers is called Discord. Over 100 million people utilise it globally. Users of the service can either start their own server or join one that already exists.

Discord is now available for PlayStation 4 download. This means that you may now use Discord with your PS4 controller in addition to your laptop and phone to access it.

It makes sense that Discord may be used on your PlayStation 4 because it was designed as a gaming platform in the beginning. Other types of individuals are now beginning to use the platform, however gamers are still its primary target audience.


Installing Discord On Your PS4

Party Chat, a similar tool offered by PlayStation, lacks some of the essential elements that make Discord so popular. Consequently, this is how to install Discord on your PS4 if you want to.



Basic Text Chat Features

Start your PS4 and go to the web browser option. Visit the Discord website and sign in with your PlayStation account.

Now that the text box is operational, you should be able to speak with others. However, proceed to the next step if you also wish to audio chat with users on your server.



Using Audio To Connect To Discord On A PS4

This is when the setup becomes a little challenging. To accomplish this step, you will require some more hardware, such as a MixAmp and a ground loop noise isolator. The steps to attach audio to your PS4 Discord server are listed below.

Activate the console mode on your MixAmp. Aux wire should be plugged into the device’s aux port and your ground loop noise isolator connected to it.

Connect your USB cord to your PlayStation 4 at this time. Spend some time connecting the MixAmp’s 3.5 mm wire to your headset.

If you haven’t already, start your PS4 and go to the settings. Navigate to Devices and then select Audio Devices.

Select your headset by looking for it under Input Device. Select AV Amplifier or TV under Output Device at this point.

Return to the settings page and select Sound and Screen. Set your Primary Output to Digital Out in the Audio Output Settings (Optical).

You may now speak stream on your PS4 while playing your game using Discord.



Multiple Audio Setup

You now understand how to configure Discord’s audio on a game console. However, since you can only hear your own voice stream, this can be a little irritating.

You must connect your MixAmp to your computer for dual audio if you want to listen to both the speech stream and your game at the same time. Here’s how to go about doing that.

Set the MixAmp to computer mode and connect it to the computer using a USB cable.

The MixAmp and the computer’s speakers should be connected via a 3.5 mm male to male wire.

Go to Discord and click the cog widget in the bottom left corner of the screen to access your User Settings.

Your MixAmp should be selected as the Input Device under Settings, followed by Voice and Video. Select the Output Device to use as your computer’s speakers.

You may now adjust the audio levels between the game and your voice stream through Discord using the audio wheel on your MixAmp.


We hope that this post was useful to you in installing Discord on your PS4. Discord is largely used by gamers to communicate while playing together, therefore we expect that there will soon be a simpler way to do this.

The aforementioned approach will have to do, though, while we patiently wait for Discord and PlayStation to reach an agreement.

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