How To Get Discord On PS5

Accessed January 18, 2023

There isn’t currently a function on PS5 that allows Discord to be integrated into the console. On the other hand, we have heard that this is about to alter. According to several sources, the PS5 and Discord are developing a voice chat integration function, which would allow gamers to effortlessly speak while playing on Discord.

What is the current method for installing Discord on a PS5 since this feature has not yet been released? In this guide, we’ve got you covered. You can utilise Discord on your PlayStation 5 if you simply adhere to the instructions we’ve provided.


Installing Discord On Your PS5



Open up the web browser

The first thing you should do is turn on your PS5. Now that your PS5 is operational, you should navigate to the web browser feature on the console.

Entering at this moment will take you to the Discord website. Simply sign in to your Discord account on this page using the same method you would on a computer.



Pin Discord

You should all be able to access your voice channels and chats now that you have all entered into your Discord accounts.

Simply select one of your text channels in Discord and begin typing with the PS5 controller to talk. You must pin Discord to one side if you want to use it for in-game communication.

To access a submenu, just press the settings button on your PS5 controller. Choose the side you want Discord to sit on by clicking Pin to Side there. It’s that simple, right?


Connect Audio To Discord

It’s difficult to connect your audio to Discord on the PS5. We’ll try our best to help you through it, though.



Set up your MixAmp

You’ll need to buy some external devices to configure audio on your PS5. We advise utilising a ground loop noise isolator together with MixAmp.

The MixAmp should be turned on and in console mode as your first step. Next, attach your ground loop noise isolator to the device’s aux port.



Connect the MixAmp to PS5

Now join the MixAmp to your PS5 with a USB cord. You should also use the MixAmp’s 3.5 mm connection to connect your headphones.

Next, after turning on your PS5, go to the settings of the console. After selecting Devices, choose Audio Devices. Select the headset that should now appear under “Input Device.” Following that, you should choose either TV or AV Amplifier under Output Device.

Locate Sound and Screen in Settings once more. Set the Primary Output to Digital Out and select Audio Output Settings at this point.

You should now be able to voice stream while playing your game using Discord.


Set up Dual Audio

There is a frustrating restriction that comes with setting up your MixAmp. You cannot simultaneously hear your voice stream and your game. We’ll need to set up dual audio in order to fix this.



Set MixAmp to Computer Mode

Connect your MixAmp to a computer via a USB, then switch the MixAmp to computer mode.

Next, connect the MixAmp to the computer’s speakers using a 3.5 mm male to male wire.

Launch Discord and navigate to the User Settings page (the cog widget on your screen).

Locate Voice and Video in Settings, then find your MixAmp and choose it as the Input Device. Make sure the Output Device is set to your computer speakers.

Once everything is set up, you can easily change the level of your game and the speech channel through Discord by using the audio wheel on the MixAmp.

PS5 Discord Update

Big news is coming! According to Sony, the PlayStation 5’s 7.00 update will fully integrate Discord. According to Insider Gamer, this significant upgrade is scheduled on March 8th. In the upcoming days, a public beta version will also be made available there.

For both PS5 and Discord users, this is significant news! It’s finally here after a much too long period of patient waiting. Although the Discord integration’s exact form is yet unknown, we anticipate direct audio communication and the PS5’s direct access to Discord servers. Most likely, it will resemble the Xbox Discord integration that was introduced last fall.


There you have it, then! We hope our detailed instructions have assisted you in installing Discord on your PS5. Discord on the PS5 isn’t all that amazing right now. Getting the desired result requires a lot of effort and time, but this will soon change. We will have to make due with our current solution while we eagerly await the 7.00 update.

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