How to jailbreak your PS4 on 9.00

The PlayStation 4 has been around for a while, and throughout that time, various novel ways of breaking the system have been developed. Because the console is frequently updated and those who do manage to breach the platform’s security are doing it for the different bug bounties, which I commend them for, jailbreaks have proven to be more difficult than on earlier generations or other devices. The correct thing to do is to keep us safe and obtain that food.

But now we can steal their work and documentation, operate some homebrew on the PS4, and operate covertly.

This PS4 jailbreak, like others, requires that your console not be running the newest firmware. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait till the next exploit if you upgraded to the version 9.03 or higher. Wait if you’re seeking for a way to jailbreak your PS5. Both we and the guys who are developing these jailbreak techniques lack one. Seriously.

The procedure is rather straightforward, however you’ll need the following:

  • A USB Stick (bigger than 2GB)
  • A PS4 on 9.00 or below
  • A PC, laptop etc.
  • Some patience

Please just hang fire because I didn’t have the last one and rushed through it thinking I knew better, spending around 30 minutes fixing problems.

Setting up the PS4

For this step, you must disable all internet access, so go to settings and select network > Connect to the Internet to completely disable internet access. Furthermore, cancel and erase any pending downloads there, notably the 9.03 one.

If you are reading this while using firmware 9.00, you should currently be on a lower firmware. You can download from the Internet Archive using this link, but make sure to set up the folder structure exactly as follows:

Update for PS4

then you add it to your file. We have provided the file structure for you, but, if you’re still having trouble. Simply unzip it to get started.

In My Computer on Windows, right-click the USB stick you’ve selected, and select format into an exFAT format.

Plug your PS4 in after dragging and dropping the file from the ZIP folder into the root. Return to the settings, then select System Update. It ought to recognise your USB and offer to install $9. You don’t want to connect to the internet for it, so if it doesn’t work try another stick.

After updating via the USB stick, take it out and go back to the internet settings to reconfigure the connection. This time, though, we’re going to select Custom rather than the default Easy. Keep all automation off of the DNS server.

Use these two DNS addresses in whatever combination; just remember to come back here if something goes wrong.

Don’t try the connection, then cut it off.

After that, go to your PS4’s online browser and reset all the settings. data, cookies, everything.

Creating the PS4 Exploit USB

After completing this, take out the USB stick and begin downloading Rufus and the exploit file.

Download this file; you’ll need to burn it on a USB to transfer it to the PS4. Keep it safe once you’re done with it because this jailbreak is accomplished through hardware rather than software.

The image file can then be written to the stick when you download Rufus and locate it in your explorer. The USB won’t be visible to you until it’s finished. If you made a mistake, select it again in Rufus, select non-bootable, and then clear everything. Just reformat it in Windows after that.

Jailbreaking the PS4


Return to your browser and go to this website:

The USB stick will activate the exploit, which is hosted here. It will start by caching the website for you when you initially load it. Just keep hanging fire until you see it reach 100%. If you like, add this webpage to your favourites; if you reboot, you’ll need to return here frequently.

Indeed, the jailbreak only works in rest mode and does not last between cold boots, so make sure to disable all updates.

Choose version 9.00 and wait afterward.

When an error-looking screen eventually appears, insert the USB stick at this point.

From this point, you must wait for the notification to indicate that it hasn’t been recognised before pressing Okay.

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