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Stranger than God himself are some of the bizarre things that exist. And the man tortures himself every day by attempting to decipher the mysteries and explain things he doesn’t fully comprehend. Josh Brolin’s character Royal Abbott discovers a bottomless pit on his property in the first episode of Outer Range. The Pit might be a cosmic oddity with time-traveling properties. However, what would a retired cowboy who was raised in the American West know about these matters?

The mysterious Pit that has emerged on Royal’s property’s west pasture is unknown to him. However, he conceals a body in the Pit that belonged to Trevor, the son of his rival and the one who was murdered by Royal’s older son, Perry. Outer Range Episode 3 takes a closer look at a man who takes the necessary measures to safeguard his family.

Outer Range Episode 3: Recap & Ending

In Wyoming’s Amelia County, strange things are happening. People are mysteriously disappearing. Initially, it was Perry’s wife Rebecca who has been gone for nine months; as of late, it has been Trevor Tillerson, who has been missing for a week. Trevor’s belt buckle, which Trevor’s brother Luke discovered outside the Pit’s bar, is discovered by deputy sheriff Joy Hawk, who is running for sheriff, while she investigates the disappearance. The blood on the buckle matches Rhett, Royal’s youngest son, according to the forensic study. Joy rushes over to see Rhett as he gets ready for the final rounds of his bull-riding tournament. Joy refuses to speak to Rhett with anybody else around, despite Royal’s best efforts to prevent it. Rhett initially tells her lies. Rhett eventually confesses to punching Trevor outside the pit bar in the station’s holding cell after becoming intoxicated and misbehaving with an officer after winning the tournament. He withholds some of the truth, though. He pretends that neither Perry nor anyone else was present, so he tells Joy that he left the scene of the altercation and has no idea what transpired to Trevor after that. In the meantime, Royal shows up at the police station to free his son, and as Joy questions Rhett, Royal stealthily takes Trevor’s buckle from Joy’s table.

As they make their way home, Royal reveals a secret to Rhett and reveals that he has been lying about his family the entire time. When Royal was a child, his parents did not pass away. Royal abandoned his mother and younger sister after his father passed away and travelled to the Abbott ranch, where he was taken in by the family. Although Royal doesn’t provide any additional information on his mother or sister, it’s possible that a mystery will be revealed about them in later episodes.

The following day, Royal visits Autumn Rivers, the enigmatic girl who has been camping on his ranch. At the end of Outer Range, Episode 2, when Autumn inquisitively asked Royal what he saw when she pushed him into the hole, their final exchange was abruptly cut off. At the time, Royal kept his views to himself, but on this visit, he makes a hint that he saw something from the future, leading Autumn to believe that Royal had travelled across time. The mountain behind Royal vanishes as soon as he shakes hands with Autumn after receiving a vow from her to keep the hole and its mystery a secret from his family. However, not only Royal sees the impossibility. The entire Amelia County, including Deputy Sheriff Joy, witnessed the bizarre incident. Amy discovers Trevor’s body on the mountain as they try to figure out what exactly occurred. The body had been tossed into the Pit earlier by Royal, who was unaware of its appearance on the mountain. However, the family doesn’t want Amy to be associated with the crime, so Royal informs Joy about the body by phone.

Luke, who is currently inside the station, orders Joy to place Rhett under arrest after the cops discovered his blood on Trevor’s buckle. When Joy goes to pull the buckle out of her drawer, she suddenly realises that it is missing. Prior to her having a chance to respond, Royal calls to let her know about the body.

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Is Autumn From A Different Time?

The enigmatic Autumn Rivers, who is camped on Royal’s ranch and is meticulously examining the rocks there, is the subject of numerous speculations. She had revealed to Amy that she was looking for some esoteric symbols that exactly resembled the Abbott family logo. By coincidence, the symbol was discovered on the same mountain that vanished in Outer Range, Episode 3, and it is most likely the same location where Trevor’s body first surfaced.

According to a theory, Amy, Perry’s daughter from an alternate timeline, might actually be Autumn Rivers. It appears that Autumn was wearing a uniform when Royal visited the future for this reason; it is possible that Amy, not Autumn, had grown up and begun working for the government or the oil drilling firm established on Royal’s ranch. Autumn admitted to Royal that she, too, had no memories of her early years and that she was involved in some sort of accident when she was a little child before awakening in a Jackson hospital. She lost her memory after the accident and only remembers her name when asked about her background. Therefore, it’s possible that a young Autumn (or Amy) entered the hole similarly to Royal but emerged in the past rather than the future. Additionally, Autumn took some lamotrigine pills from the neighbourhood pharmacy. That can indicate that she has had seizures for a very long period.

Autumn’s emotional predisposition towards Perry and attraction to Billy Tillerson are further indications that she could be Amy. So, if Autumn is from a different time period, her handshake with Royal explains why the mountain vanished. Two separate timelines presumably collided to generate this event. The two realities joined as Royal, from one timeline, shook hands with Autumn, from another timeframe, returning Trevor’s corpse to the timeline to which it originally belonged and, in a sense, restarting the timelines. By the end of Outer Range Episode 3, however, none of these theories have been proven true, making all information pertaining to the passage of time mere conjecture. Hopefully, subsequent episodes will provide more clarity.

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