How to Make Mac Dark Mode? A Step To Step Guide In 2023!

Over the past few years, Dark Mode’s usage has skyrocketed in popularity. Many viewers enjoy the immersive experience provided by a wide, dramatic vista on their screens. Dark Mode is currently widely used, perhaps due to the fact that it makes interacting with your programs and screen less taxing on the eyes.

Apps like OneNote and Facebook have their own “Dark Mode” settings you may toggle on. Your iOS devices, such as an iPhone or iPad, can be set up for it. Hence, Dark Mode is available on macOS in the same way it is on Windows.

In this article, you will learn how to activate Dark Mode on your Mac. There are two ways to activate it: anytime you feel like it or at a predetermined time each day.

Enable Dark Mode Using Control Center

The quickest way to activate Dark Mode on a Mac is through the system’s Settings menu. To activate the dark mode, go to Display > Dark Mode.

Anytime you’d like to disable Dark Mode, simply go back to the Control Center and click the button again.

Enable Dark Mode Using Siri

how to make mac dark mode

Ask Siri to “Enable” or “Switch on dark mode” either verbally or in writing.

In addition, you can tell Siri to “Enable” or “Switch on light mode” by saying the corresponding phrases.

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Enable Dark Mode Using System Preferences

Dark Mode can also be activated from the System Preferences menu. Either select Apple > System Preferences from the Apple menu, or double-click the System Preferences icon in the Dock.

Choose General, and then, at the very top where it says Appearance, pick Dark.

By repeating these steps and clicking the Light button next to Appearance in System Preferences, you can disable Dark Mode.

Turn on Dark Mode Automatically

  • You can choose between Light, Dark, and Auto in the General section of System Preferences. This will allow you to automatically activate Dark Mode at a time of your choosing. The Night Shift schedule for Dark Mode can be customized after Auto is selected.
  • To activate Night Shift, select it from System Preferences > Displays. To activate it from sunset to sunrise, or to create a custom timetable, select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu next to Schedule.
  • Due to their interdependence, the Auto and Night Shift settings will follow your chosen pattern. Read our guide on how to activate Night Shift in macOS for more details on this handy feature.

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Will You Use Dark Mode on Mac?

how to make mac dark mode

Whether you only use your computer in the evening or all the time, Dark Mode on macOS makes it simple to disable the screen’s brightness so that you can focus on the content before you. Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic of Dark Mode in the comments below.

If you enable Dark Mode and find that one of your Mac programs no longer displays correctly, remember that not all third-party programs support Dark Mode. As Dark Mode has been around for some time, more and more apps will eventually support it.

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