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A young kid named Jose Luis is portrayed in the Netflix comedy Honeymoon with My Mother as having his love rejected at the altar. Therefore, in order to make up for his loss, he must spend his honeymoon with his mother, who is currently his least favourite person. She decides to look on the bright side and have as much fun as she can, even though Jose thinks his mother is the most annoying person on the earth.

Jose is about to get married when a man shows up at the ceremony, tears down the LOVE sign, and drives off with his girlfriend in a beat-up red car in the sake of true love. Jose is devastated, but his mother breaks the news to him: this marriage was doomed from the start. When Jose admits that he has already paid for his honeymoon in Mauritius, his mother is indignant. Everything start to go wrong when they arrive at the booking office, and Jose must choose whether or not to fly to Mauritius alone. Let’s examine the possibility of rekindling the affection between a mother and son.

Honeymoon With My Mother Plot Summary: What does Mari Carmen Do To Win Her Son Over?

After being left at the altar, Jose and his mother, Mari Carmen, visit the travel company that handled their honeymoon arrangements in Mauritius. Because of his mental instability, Jose’s mother Mari could tell that he couldn’t argue convincingly for the money to be returned. The booking agent pushed back against her by saying she ought to go on the honeymoon with her son when he insisted on his position. Before telling Jose they may go together, she gradually annoys him. Jose might think about travelling, suggests Jose’s mother after observing her husband’s devotion with his artwork. Jose decided that he should go with his mother on her trip after learning that she has never travelled before. Jose’s emotions are still in disarray as his mother decides to quickly get her items and go.

In an opulent Mauritius hotel, a receptionist by the name of Montse lets them know that their honeymoon suite is ready. Jose’s mother presents Jose as her spouse in order to access the suite. This seems strange, but the receptionist goes ahead with it. Once they get to their rooms, Jose is about to face a nightmare. With all the royal treatment, his mother is ecstatic.

As they set out on this journey together, Jose finds it difficult to see his mother as a pillar of support in his life. He’s still processing the hurt of having his fiancee walk out on him at the altar. Mari is aware of her son’s sorrow and makes an effort to make the situation more welcome, but he just wants his privacy. She makes the decision to get to know the bar. She runs into Armando at the bar, who introduces her to the sole drink she ever has at the hotel—a daiquiri. Mari and Armando develop a close friendship. It’s time for Mari to take advantage of the honeymoon package’s included compact tour bus to view Mauritius’s forests. Jose’s pulse skips a beat as he witnesses a blonde-haired woman wearing denim shorts descend the bus stairs. Just a little bit better than he had anticipated, his trip turned out to be.

Jose takes advantage of the chance to approach Sara, the hotel’s designated island tour guide. He feels alive just by looking at her, and when he talks to her, he thinks he might have a chance. On the other hand, his mother is not deceived. Jose and his mother Mari return to the hotel baffled after being taken advantage of when they went to the wrong place for a rum sampling. The hotel sets up a game for lovers or newlyweds to play that same day in the evening where they must catch a piece of papaya on their lips and pass it to the other lover through their mouth. Jose finds it challenging to maintain his composure throughout the game, but he must persevere since his mother insists on holding onto the notion that he is her spouse in order to preserve the room. Although they both triumph in the race, Jose can no longer stand dealing with his mother. Mari pushes Jose to drink water from the tap that they are not permitted to consume as a result of their argument and disagreement. After a heated argument, exhausted Mari leaves the suite and makes her way to the bar, where she runs across Armando once more.

Due to the water he drank, Jose has an unpleasant stomach rumbling with Sara while the receptionist tries to hit on him. Jose tries to go to the bathroom but instead throws up on Montse. Mari agrees to go with Armando to an island party after he persuades her. She gives the Green Emerald plant a try. When they both enter the room, Armando sees Jose for the first time. She is absolutely enamoured by this. The following morning, Jose is shocked to see his mother running as if nothing had happened the previous evening.

Jose decides he wants a piece of the action as he observes his mother enjoying herself so much while he is left out. They are caught after going to a shopkeeper who is an undercover cop and asking for the rare cannabis known as Green Emerald because he decides to let her show the way to a better vacation in Mauritius by suggesting that they do things together. Mari and her son start to get along and restore their connection when they are both locked up.

Honeymoon With My Mother Ending Explained: Does Jose Help His Father Make Amends With His Mother?

Now that Jose and his mother are in prison, they need to figure out how to escape. When they are given one phone call, Jose phones Sara to let her know what happened. She intervenes to save them, admiring his initiative. José and Sara start to get close, just as Jose starts to get close to his mother.

Despite the fact that his mother is fully aware of every aspect of his life, Jose discovers during a humorous shootout that he knows nothing about her. With a feeling of spirit, he recognises that he is being tested by something new in his life. in order to comprehend his mother better. When Sara finds his mother hanging out with Armando—who she feels shouldn’t have been with her in the first place—she brings this into reality. When Jose’s maternal instincts start to take over, he questions his mother about Armando’s involvement in her life.

Jose’s allegations enrage Mari, and during their altercation Sara finds out that Jose was left at the altar. Jose, who has been slapped by his mother, follows Sara out of the room and is left dumbfounded. Afterwards, his mother comes into the room and informs him that she has never had to touch him before. For the rest of the evening, there is still hatred between the two. An argument ensues as Jose tries to persuade his mother that she was being protective of him and his wants and that all he wanted to do was leave the house and live his life independently. The next morning, when Armando arrives at the suite, she is packed and getting ready to leave after a bad night.

Mari Carmen is about to leave when Armando slips two packets of white powder drugs into her suitcase and tucks them beneath her clothing as she gets ready to go out with him. She emerges with a smile on her face as they prepare to go. Before the day is out, Jose needs to wrap up a few loose ends. The only thing Sara says when he meets with her to apologise is that he needs to make things right with his mother. After some thought, Jose decides to call his father to let him know that his marriage has failed and that his wife is happy to leave him for another man she’s just met. He needs to change his habits if they are to remain married and prosper for the remainder of their eternity. The parent carefully considers his son’s remarks before making plans.

After Jose hangs up the phone with his father, he discovers a flowery blouse and pair of pants on the bed. He quickly puts on clothes and leaves to find his mother. He fears that she will wed Armando and their relationship will end when he finds out that she is attending a wedding on an island not far from their own. He breaks into a hotel buggy to get to the boat, hops in, and commands her not to marry him as he drives the boat through the sea to the island. Mari Carmen is not, as she makes very obvious. She is merely a guest to someone person’s wedding. He’s confused by this. She only told Armando that she was Jose’s wife, lying to everyone else, although that was only partially the case. Armando treats her well, according to Jose, who argues that she had good reason to leave him and his father. Mari disagrees, arguing that Armando is also a crook.

Mari explains to Armando, who is bewildered, that when she and her son were in jail, she learned that Armando had not paid for a hostel, so she had to call the Consulate, who told her that he was a wanted criminal in three nations. The white drug sachets he concealed in her suitcase to smuggle across borders are later revealed by her. When Jose steps in to protect his mother, Armando sucker punches him, telling him he can’t hurt her son, and then lunges for the bag to collect the packets. Just as the hotel’s receptionist gets on the island, she realises that a mother and son are attempting to use the honeymoon suite, which is not permitted. The receptionist Montse tries to stop Armando from hitting on the woman and arrests him after Jose makes it up to his mother.

Final Words

The boy and mother return home to their father, who has welcomed them cordially, as Honeymoon With My Mother comes to a close. Also, he has scheduled a trip to Paris where he will see the Eiffel Tower and take his wife on a special date. Mari Carmen is ecstatic and has begun organising her next round of travel. The father of Jose keeps his word to do better for his wife and children. Jose has never lived alone before and has only lately learned how it feels as he goes about the house unsure of what will happen next.

In a sweet voicemail, his mother assures him that there is enough food in the refrigerator for him and that she will always love him. What Jose will do now that he is totally alone is a legitimate concern. Vacation With My Mother celebrates a bond that many of us may identify with. The arguments, the contrasting viewpoints that arise in a parent-child relationship where two generations are still attempting to understand what each other wants. This movie is for you if you want to see a slow-burning drama.

The 2022 drama comedy Honeymoon with My Mother was directed by Paco Caballero.

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