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Another amateurish American horror movie, Room 203 is preoccupied with paganism and the demons of ancient European mythology. In the movie, Kim and Izzy, two best friends, move into a new apartment with an actual hole in the wall in one of the rooms, a stunning stained-glass window showing images of knights slaying one another, and a dreadfully creepy and nosy landlord. If you’re wondering what else might be required to create a stereotypical horror movie, Room 203 adds Celtic mythology to the mix to make it a dull and forgettable viewing experience.

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Room 203 Plot Summary: What Is The Horror Film About?

A young worker named Chad attempts to patch a gaping hole in one of the walls of apartment 203 of a grand old building as he waits for his girlfriend Lena to arrive at the location. A strange-looking amulet is attached to a necklace that Chad pulls out after poking his hand into the hole and getting scratched by something inside. When Lena does arrive, it is late at night and her boyfriend gives her the necklace and fastens it around her neck. Then, as Chad cracks open beer bottles, Lena shatters a beer bottle with her bare hands and slits her own throat. The bones in her body tremble horribly.

Young woman Kim White has made the decision to move in with her best friend Izzy in a recently rented apartment. Kim White is about to begin her college education, possibly in a new city. Because of Izzy’s history with drugs and overdose incidents, however, Kim’s parents are not at much in favour of this notion, and they forewarn their daughter that if she actually moves in, they won’t communicate with her. Kim disregards her parents’ expectations, not because she doesn’t care about them, but rather because she recognises that they are unreasonable demands based on their prejudicial viewpoint. As a result, she exits their car and walks into the building. The two eagerly move towards their new home after she meets Izzy near the elevator, but a spooky-looking man with a flat cap on his head blocks their path. He introduces himself as Ronan, the apartment’s landlord, and robotically informs the girls of their rights and obligations while on the property. The only noteworthy details in this story are that they are never permitted to enter the building’s basement and that only Ronan lives on the same floor as the girls’ apartment, leaving the other apartments vacant. The small but cosy drawing room’s large stained-glass window mesmerises Kim and Izzy, and despite its depictions of mediaeval knights murdering one another, they are not particularly disturbed by them. Kim tries to hide the little but evident hole on her room’s wall by putting a mirror over it. The hole is visible even with wallpaper applied. This is unsuccessful because the mirror either continues to tilt or drops to the ground. Izzy notices the hole as well, and as they poke around with it, it gets bigger. She then takes out a necklace with the amulet attached to it. The two best friends had wonderful times together but Izzy Davis’ difficulties from the past soon surface. The young girl is still having a hard time adjusting to the death of her mother due to a drug overdose, and what’s worse, Kim was unable to attend the funeral since her parents did not approve of Izzy and would not let her go. Izzy begins to wear the necklace frequently, which causes her to develop the dreadful habit of sleepwalking every night.

What Is The History Of Room 203 And Its Hauntings?

On the day of orientation, Kim arrives at the college after class has already started. Ian, the friendly and engaging orientation leader, offers her a personal tour of the campus and the course. Kim is revealed to be a journalism student who favours printed news over online versions of the same. The two rapidly develop an interest in one another because Ian works in the same department as them. Izzy, who wants to be an actor, is battling the demands of pursuing her passion in life. She struggles to find acting roles and is frequently turned down when she is contacted for auditions; as a result, the woman turns to heavy drinking. Knowing Izzy and her struggles inside and out, Kim chooses to write a report for her class about her friend’s life. She also asks her professor if she should first get Izzy’s permission. In accordance with the journalism ethics, the professor informs her that if she chooses not to reveal her identify in the work, she is not have to inquire or inform her buddy about it. As Kim returns home, she hears fluttering one night and is startled to see a crow creep into the hole in her wall, which has since enlarged and like a wound that is starting to decompose. Also, she had discovered a hefty metal music box with the names of a couple written inside. Now, on this particular night, Izzy enters her room clutching the music box and dripping blood from her skull. Izzy is taken care of by Kim that evening, and the following morning she appears to be back to normal. Kim needs to bring her back after one of her recent instances of sleepwalking that has become much scary because it appears as though she is in a possessed trance. Izzy wore the necklace with the amulet every single night over this entire period, which was a constant.

Since the moment she moved into apartment 203, Kim had frequently observed the landlord, Ronan, shadily watching the two women. Kim had even made an effort to be nice by giving the man generic salutations or other gestures, but Ronan would only continue to stare. He now chastises the tenants for entering the basement, where they are not permitted, and instructs them to never attempt the feat again. One day, Kim finds the landlord inside their apartment, having come in while they were away and was carefully examining the stained-glass window. Ian hears about all of this, including Izzy’s suffering, and urges Kim to look into the flat while also offering to assist her. Together, they researched a banker named Liam McNally who had killed his expectant wife, Karen, before taking his own life in this exact apartment 203. The music box that Izzy constantly carries about while she is sleepwalking or experiencing hauntings has these identical names engraved inside. When Kim reunites with Milton Briggs, the janitor who had first reported the murder so many years prior, he learns that despite Liam having followed and killed his pregnant wife, the child inside her womb may have just been born. Yet Milton cannot predict what will happen to that boy in the future. After conducting his own study, Ian makes connections between the images on the stained-glass mural in apartment 203 and Celtic pagan symbols, then to the Irish mythological figure Morrigu, who frequently takes the appearance of a crow and denotes death.

Izzy, meanwhile, discovers Kim’s academic thesis that she had been working on about her life and is furious that her best friend did not even let her know that she was trying to profit from her hardships in life. Izzy confronts Kim about this before furiously leaving the flat. As Kim tears open the hole in the wall in frustration, an ancient, withered hand from a dead body falls out. At this same time, Ronan walks into the flat, kidnaps Kim, ties her up, and takes her to his own apartment. In a fit of wrath, the man now admits that he is Liam and Karen McNally’s son and that the necklace that has been cursed everyone who has been wearing it was once his mother’s. What he says after that can be summed up as Liam likely engaged in dark magic, demon worship, or other frightening activities, which resulted in the family becoming subject to the Morrigu curse. When the McNallys were unable to give Morrigu an offering, she pursued them because she needed to be fed—a human body and spirit, that is. Ronan had heard that the man had been driven by this demon to kill both his wife and himself. It is also revealed that the curse selects its victim using the necklace containing the evil amulet, and that it has already claimed the lives of numerous men and women who were all consumed by the Morrigu. Yet Izzy was resisting the curse and has succeeded up to this point, possibly as a result of all the hardships she has already experienced in her brief life and the fact that she has yet to be put to death. Ronan now plans to kill both the tenants and give them as sacrifices because he is afraid that Morrigu will come after him if she does not get her meal.

Room 203 Ending Explained: How Does Kim Save Izzy s Life In The End?

Ian suddenly dashes to Kim’s place, but he is unable to find her there and instead discovers that Izzy, who has been possessed, is seducing him. Izzy then promptly kills Ian. Kim survives in Ronan’s apartment and cunningly leaves the building to head to her own. In addition to seeing Izzy quickly down the steps to the basement while possessed, she also sees her dead boyfriend at this point. Kim chases her friend while narrowly avoiding Ronan’s clutches. Now a lengthy chase between Izzy, who is imprisoned by Morrigu, Kim, and Ronan takes place in the shadows of the basement, very literally, as the movie attempts to make itself visually too dark and even difficult to follow. The man eventually catches up to Kim and is about to shoot her when he becomes possessed and kills himself instead of Kim. The most likely explanation in this situation is that Morrigu murdered him because she couldn’t wait any longer and was desperate for food. Or perhaps Morrigu kills Ronan through Izzy so that she can have Kim for herself, as what happens later. Izzy alternates between her normal self, who begs Kim for assistance, and her deranged self, who approaches Kim and threatens to kill her. Even after stabbing her buddy in the stomach, Izzy is instantaneously healed when Kim removes the cursed necklace from her neck just before she is ready to kill her.

When the two friends approach their apartment to tear down the stained-glass window, they are startled by an unsettling flock of crows flying straight outside their window. Kim eventually musters the nerve to hurl the dead corpse hand that had earlier fallen out of the wall hole in order to break the glass. The two flee the apartment swiftly, and Izzy rushes her pal to the hospital, where she receives treatment and is unquestionably cured. Yet just before it ends, the camera returns to vacant apartment 203 and zooms in on the gap left by the broken window. Before Room 203 fades to black, a faint figure of Morrigu herself can be seen in the total darkness. The movie is an awful mishmash of too many different things, none of which seem to work. Overall, Room 203 is a waste of time because neither the horrifying events nor the drama-filled interpersonal connections have any impact.

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