How To Play Music In Discord

Discord is a platform for digital distribution and instant messaging.

Users can communicate with one another by joining channels, which are also known as servers, and doing things like exchanging media and files, making audio or video conversations, and instant chatting with a group of individuals.

There are numerous bots available in Discord to keep your server active while you play. Bots are AI-driven programmes that can automate some jobs and help you complete others.

We’ll go through how to play music on Discord using the Rhythm bot as well as some other methods in this guide. Find out by reading on.


How To Play Music With A Bot

Choosing your own music bot to join your server is the main task at hand.

Rhythm bot used to be a favourite among Discord users, but since it was discontinued, a plethora of new bots have emerged to take its place.

One that we suggest is FredBoat, which enables you to stream music from Twitch, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

The various music-playing platforms are excellent, and navigating and using the chat instructions is simple.

There are amusing commands that let others in the channel vote to skip the music, which is a unique feature of FredBoat.

On their website, sign into Discord with your account, and choose a server to download FredBoat to.

When you are connected to the voice channel, play your music using FredBot so that other Discord users can also enjoy it.

The end! Because music bots are simpler to use and install than the other ways to listen to music on Discord, they are often employed.


How To Play Music In A Voice Call

Users of Discord can opt to play music during a private audio call using FredBoat as well.

Join a voice channel and instruct the bot what to play by using the commands. You can use the commands ;;play [URL] or ;;play [Name Of Song].


How To Play Music On Discord Through A Mic

If you absolutely want to use music through your microphone while utilising a music bot, you can alter some settings on your computer.

This is unnecessary and takes a long time because playing music through a microphone functions the same way as the previous step.

Theoretically, you could just play music in real life and it would play through your microphone if you didn’t want to utilise a bot. But, the sound quality will not be as good as when using a bot.


How To Play Music In Discord On Mobile Device

You can play music from your mobile device using several Discord bots that you can add to your server. There are many bots available on that are compatible with mobile devices.

Simply follow the instructions to install the bot, then add it to the desired server. You should be able to do this to use your mobile device to play music on Discord.


How To Play Music On Discord Without A Bot

The only method to accomplish this without a bot is to connect with Spotify via Discord. If you don’t already have one, you should create one.

In Discord, click the cog next to your profile icon to access User Settings.

There are numerous alternative platforms to connect to after choosing Connections and Connect Your Accounts. You should choose the Spotify icon.

You must accept the specified permissions in order to access your Spotify account through this gateway.

After finished, a notification saying “Connected your Spotify account to Discord” ought to appear.

Now that you are listening to Spotify, everyone on the server can see it. They can view what you’re listening to by clicking on your profile. Then, through Discord, anyone who has a premium membership can hear along with you.

In Summary

There are really just two ways to listen to music on Discord. Either link to your own Spotify account or think about downloading a music bot like FredBoat.

Your life can be made easier by using a bot because it can be automated and has enjoyable features like voting to skip a song. However, if you choose, you may use a variety of other music services on FredBoat in addition to Spotify, including SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

Nonetheless, a lot of Discord users choose Spotify because it is familiar to them and may already have their playlists.

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