How to Repost on Instagram? A Step To Step Guide In 2023!

It’s common knowledge that updating your Instagram with new posts is essential if you want to be noticed and gain followers. This can be really difficult if you don’t have the means or the creativity to generate fresh material on a daily basis. The role of user-generated material becomes clear in this context.

This entails sharing Instagram posts made by other users that are related to your field or specialty. With little effort on your part, you can keep your audience interested in your posts by regularly publishing new, high-quality content. Another benefit of user-generated content is that it helps you gain your audience’s trust by being more genuine and approachable.

It may sound simple to just repost something, but there are several guidelines you should follow. Learn everything you need to know in this post to start sharing user-generated content that actually engages your audience.

Guidelines for Instagram Reposting:

1: Get Permission to Repost

The Instagram rules make it quite clear that the easiest approach to avoid copyright violations is to only share content that you have developed yourself. Does this imply that you shouldn’t share posts made by other users? To be sure, it is not always the case.

The rules also allow you to steal someone else’s work with their permission. In case there are any complications down the line, the business suggests having authorization in writing.

In other words, before you share someone else’s work online, you should always contact them to ask for permission. Once you have been given the go-ahead, it’s a good idea to grab a screenshot of the area in question for safekeeping.

If you have an ongoing influencer partnership and want to repost their work, you should include a clause in your contract stating that you have their permission to do so. This will be helpful in the event of a content usage issue in the future.

2: Get Repost for Instagram

Taking screenshots of the original message and then re-posting them can be done, but it’s a time-consuming and involved process. Furthermore, screenshots only permit the reposting of photos, thus they are not a practical choice if you wish to republish videos.

Instead, you may get the free app Repost for Instagram from the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store to streamline the procedure.

While using this app, it only takes a few taps to reshare someone else’s Instagram post.

3: Find Content to Repost

how to repost on instagram

The next step is to get onto Instagram and start curating stuff for re-posting. Users’ photos and videos can be reposted, too.

Searching with branded or industry-specific hashtags will help you identify the most relevant information for reposting. Hashtags related to your sector can help you find material from other businesses, while branded hashtags can help you find content created by your consumers.

If you’re trying to collect UGC for a campaign, you may also use hashtags that are unique to that campaign. Your business may even be mentioned in user-generated content if they decide to tag it.

For their Halloween costume contest, for instance, Chewy asked their followers to include the hashtag #HairyNotSoScary and to mention the company in any related social media posts.

4: Get the Post’s Share URL

To proceed, copy the post’s share Link. To do this, click the ellipsis (…) in the top right corner of the relevant post.

When you’re ready to copy the link, select the option to do so.

5: Open the Repost for Instagram App

Copying a post’s link and then opening the Repost for the Instagram app will result in the copied post being displayed on the app’s home screen. Use the right-most arrow button to read the next or previous post.

If you go to the post’s edit page before it goes live on Instagram, you can alter the appearance of the repost symbol.

6: Make Necessary Edits

how to repost on instagram

You can then copy the image to Instagram by selecting “Repost” afterward. Doing so will let you modify the post using filters and other options.

You’ll be able to add a caption if you hit “Next” after that. Tap the caption field and select “Paste” to copy and paste the original caption.

When you click on the link, the original post’s caption will load alongside the author’s name and attribution. It’s a time-saver to not have to remember to add credits to each individual report individually.

Whenever you’ve finished preparing your post and are ready to share it, just hit the “Share” button.

The following is a sample of how the republished material will look.

It can also be shared on Instagram Stories if you so choose. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to copy the caption if you do that.

Alternative Reposting Options

The Repost for the Instagram app isn’t the only way to reshare content on Instagram. To name a few examples:

1: Using DownloadGram

High-quality photos and videos posted by other users can be downloaded and reused in your own Instagram posts. DownloadGram is what you need to accomplish this. This is not a mobile app, but rather a straightforward web-based service.

  • In the first step, copy the link to the post you want to share, as described in the preceding steps. Simply copy the link and paste it into the blank space before selecting “Download.”
  • You can choose “Download Picture” or “Download Video,” and the tool will start the download immediately.
  • When a picture or video appears in a new tab, right-click it and select “Save Image” or “Save Video” to save it to your device.
  • Once you have the content you wish to repost downloaded, launch the Instagram app. Then, in the same way, you’d do when making a new post, navigate to the appropriate photo or video on your camera roll.
  • After that, you should think of a clever caption to accompany the image. You should keep in mind that, unlike the previous option, a citation will not be appended to this one when you repost it. Always include the author’s name when sharing their work to avoid confusion. After that, simply click “Share” to have the update published to your account.

2: Reposting a Screenshot

how to repost on instagram

Taking a screenshot of the post is another viable technique for reposting. Please note that this feature only applies to image posts and not video posts, for which you will need to use the other reposting options.

Simply snap a screenshot of the image on your phone and share it again. This is accomplished by simultaneously pressing the home and lock buttons on an iOS device. If you want to turn off your Android device, hit the volume down button and the power button at the same time.

The next step is to locate the image in your photo library before uploading it to Instagram. You can customize it so that only the image appears on the screen by cropping it and making other tweaks.

After that, you’ll be able to choose a caption to go along with the post. As a reference will not be added to the original post when you use this feature, please be sure to give appropriate credit in the caption.

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Best Practices for Instagram Reposting

You now have a thorough understanding of the various reposting methods on Instagram and the actions required to implement each one.

So, let’s have a look at some of the rules you should observe while reposting on Instagram. By doing so, you can boost engagement on your finest content and make sure it gets shared again.

1: Keep Your Feed Aesthetics in Mind

The problem with repeating content from other people is that it may not be aesthetically pleasing. To attract and keep the attention of your followers, your Instagram feed should always be of high quality.

If you want your feed to be taken seriously, you should always choose high-quality content to share.

Instagram Stories and Highlights are perfect for user-generated content and campaigns that seek to feature every user submission. This way you can make sure the user-generated content on your feed fits in with the overall concept.

2: Add Context to Your Reposted Content

how to repost on instagram

But, don’t just copy and paste the captions from the original post. Make use of appropriate captions to provide your followers with some background information on the item you’re reposting.

A simple “We love this sunset view from the beaches of Thailand” followed by the appropriate credit is all that is required to convey your appreciation for the material.

Airbnb’s Instagram feed is packed with images provided by its users, but the firm still takes the time to write thoughtful captions to put the information in context.

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In Conclusion

You may repost content on Instagram in a number of different ways. If you want to save time without sacrificing quality, try a few of these methods and see which ones work best for you.

Therefore, it’s not enough to know how to repost stuff on Instagram. It would be best if you also familiarize yourself with some best practices that will help you guarantee high-quality and active engagement with your reposts. With the aforementioned advice, you may improve the quality of your Instagram posts.

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