How to save games with Dolphin

Dolphin makes it simple to save games since it functions as you would expect. The default location of the folder is in your Documents folder, but you can modify that location using the settings.

If you have a save from another computer or the internet, you can put it in the folder you’ve specified, and it should start loading it as usual.

The Save State feature of emulators allows you to store and resume where you left off in the game so that it will automatically resume when you wish to play it again in the future. This is excellent for older games without automatic or manual saves, which force you to choose a save location to record your progress, or titles with challenging bosses.

Dolphin Save States Explained

Once your game is loaded, select Emulation from the main Dolphin menu, which is also where you load your games from. You can choose from a number of alternatives for saving state in the drop-down list.

  • Save State to File
    • Choose where you d like to save the state. This is great if you intend on using more than one machine with Dolphin.
  • Save State to Selected Slot
    • Choose one of the slots available to save to, this can then be easily chosen next time you need it.
  • Save State to Oldest Slot
    • Overwrite your oldest save state slot.
  • Save State to Slot
    • Will automatically write to an available slot.
  • Undo Save State
    • Will get rid of the last save state

Emulation and Dolphin as a first step? The guides below are available to you!

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