How To Scan A QR Code On Discord

On Discord, scanning QR codes has grown in popularity as a quick and convenient way for users to transmit information. All you need is the free Discord app and your device’s camera to connect to a new server, join someone’s voice chat, or access unique content. You can quickly scan any QR code on Discord by following a few simple steps. Here, we’ll demonstrate.

There are various requirements you must fulfil before attempting this procedure. You must be logged into the Discord app on your phone. Moreover, bear in mind that the QR code displayed on the desktop will expire after two minutes and must be refreshed.


Open Discord Mobile



Open up the app

Opening the app on your device is the first step towards using this function.

Locate the Discord icon on the home screen or app drawer of your device, then tap it once to start. By doing so, the programme will start and you can proceed with scanning a QR code.

It’s crucial to remember that for this process to function effectively, you must have a live internet connection.

You must use your smartphone to scan the QR code that is shown on the desktop or the web. Opening the App on your phone is the first step, so. Check that the app has the necessary permissions before moving on to the next stage.


Scan the QR Code


Scanning the QR code is step two of this procedure. The QR code that is visible on your screen must be the focus of your camera. Keep the camera steady while doing this because it could take some time for the barcode to be recognised and read properly.

Make sure there is sufficient lighting in the area to maximise your chances of success because it will aid with image recognition.

Tap the profile icon on your smartphone’s app, then select User Settings > Scan QR Code. The smartphone’s camera should be enabled if the app has the necessary permissions.

Let the app read the code by pointing the camera at it. The system needs to begin connecting both devices right away.


Accept the connection


Final Thoughts

Your smartphone will prompt you when you scan the QR code. Choose the Yes, Log Me In option. Keep going, and there you are. You’ve now signed in with a QR code.

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