How To See Deleted Messages On Discord

Popular communication application Discord enables users to connect with others, identify mutual interests, and engage in social interaction. You may edit or remove your messages, which is a key function of the site.

While there are certain advantages to this, there are also some drawbacks. For example, some individuals get offended or frustrated when other people delete their messages, especially if they were intended to hurt or harass someone or to cause them anguish and sadness.

Continue reading to find out more about how to deal with deleted communications on Discord; we’ll go into more detail below.

Can I Recover Deleted Messages On Discord?

The primary problem with deleted messages on Discord is that once they are erased, they cannot be restored, which might make it challenging to find abusive users.

In reality, Discord said publicly on Twitter that once messages are erased from the platform, they are permanently deleted; continuing to save the information would be deemed a violation of users’ privacy and would be against the terms of service of the platform.

Even the proprietors of Discord servers are not allowed to view deleted Discord messages; doing so would be against the terms and conditions and a violation of users’ privacy.

Although the Discord Bots can be used to utilise the Dyno Bot to see that a Discord message has been deleted, they are unable to view the communication’s content. In a similar vein, audit logs on Discord can indicate that a communication has been erased but cannot reveal what was said.


Can I Report Deleted Messages?

It is challenging to report deleted texts because they are permanently deleted. You must be able to demonstrate the message and offer information about the user in question if you are being harassed in order to report the message.



Take Screenshots

You only have one choice in this situation: take a screenshot of any unpleasant, disturbing, or upsetting communications as soon as you receive them, making sure to include the sender’s User ID and any other relevant information.



Report To The Discord Team

After you have these, report them as quickly as you can to the Discord team. Next, repeat the procedure for any additional messages you receive.

Provide copies of any offending messages to the server administrator as well; if the party’s actions violate the rules, they may be blocked or banned.

You can report abuse by using the red-colored report button in Discord. It’s best to gather the ID numbers and make a note of them before emailing them to Discord Help, since doing so will make it easier for the admin team to find the offender.

Always remember to activate developer mode.



Obtain The Necessary Data

You must first activate developer mode in the app’s advanced settings before you can get the information you require.

Then, paste the ID of the message you submitted as well as the ID of the user who originally posted it into the appropriate reporting form.

Here’s an illustration

    • User ID: 952856303611576370
    • Copy ID: 953215593568436244
    • Server ID: 945617950956728380

Right-click the user’s name and select Copy ID to obtain the User ID. As the User ID, write down this number somewhere.

Then, select Copy ID from the context menu of the right-clicked message. As the Copy ID, make a note of this.

Finally, right-click the server’s icon on your screen’s left side. To save this as your server ID, click Copy ID.

All of this information may be included in your report to Discord, which may be found here.



Attach Images If Necessary

If you have screenshots or other visual proof of the abusive message in issue, you may post images in the attachments box as well.


What Else Can I Do If I Am Being Harassed?

There are things you may take to help protect yourself from harassment, even though you won’t be able to recover erased texts to use as evidence.



Take Screenshots

Attempting to take a screenshot of whatever you receive before the user deletes it is one of the most crucial things to do since then, even if the sender deletes it on their end, you will still have proof. The next step is to submit a request form or message to Discord, who will carry out the requested action.



Mute/Ban Servers

You can temporarily silence channels to stop people from disturbing you while you play games or engage in other activities. You can also ban or block certain users to stop them from contacting you while using a Discord server.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, removing messages on Discord can be challenging because the site does not permit the recovery of deleted communications, making it challenging to determine what was stated to cause humiliation or anguish.

The most important thing you can do is make sure that any issues are reported to the appropriate authorities, block anyone who harasses you, and hope that the offending party isn’t allowed back on the network once you’ve reported them because, in many cases, they are likely to be blocked once they have been reported.

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