How To Unban Someone On Discord

The ability for friends and gamers to connect with one another via servers and groups is just one of the interesting aspects that Discord offers. Nevertheless, trolling and spamming must be avoided by all group members. The server moderators have the authority to ban users for breaking these regulations.

Wires can, however, occasionally be crossed, and individuals may find themselves unintentionally or unfairly blacklisted. You should be able to unban users in these circumstances swiftly and efficiently, and you have a variety of options at your disposal.


How To Ban Someone On A Discord Server

It’s crucial to understand how to implement a ban on Discord before we look more closely at how to reverse one because the two processes are inextricably related.

A user will immediately receive an infraction point if they have been reported for any reason (spam, offensive language, etc.).

They will accrue points for their total number of violations each time they send a message with a link, submit a photo, or post in a channel.

When the cutoff point is reached, a moderator may choose to ban the user either temporarily or permanently. The length of both is determined by how serious the offence was; the longer someone has been barred, the less likely it is that they will be allowed back in.



Open the Discord app or website

Go to the Discord website or app on your phone or computer to ban someone from your Discord chat group.



Choose the channel that you want to block people from.

Choose the channel you want to prohibit people from after going to the server you want to ban people from.

From the list of members on the right side of the screen, locate the person you want to ban, right-click on them, and then select the Ban option from the pop-up menu.



Tap the Ban button.

You can choose to delete some of their messages and be asked to explain why this person was banned. You can click the Ban button to finish the procedure after providing a reason and deleting some of their communications.

What Might Get You A Ban From A Server?

The following are some of the behaviours that could get you banned from a Discord server:

  • Spamming either creating fake spam accounts or sending spam messages. Organizing spam is also a banning offense
  • Spamming someone with friend requests
  • Posting content that promotes self-harm or suicide, or which could be seen as blackmail
  • Using an abusive language or posting hate speech
  • Sharing porn or harassing others
  • Impersonating others
  • Advertising when this is against the rules

Why Do You Need To Unban A User?

You might need to learn how to unban a user from Discord for a variety of reasons, but some of the most common ones are as follows:

Someone is either utilising a different Discord account that was used for something else or making accounts under other identities. Users might occasionally gain control of a third-party account. As a result, users may mistakenly get their accounts blocked even when they have done nothing wrong.

Users may also be unjustly accused of spamming or harassing others, which can lead to an instant ban even if the moderators may not have the full picture. To lessen distress and disturbance in these situations, it’s critical to have the ability to quickly unban users.

Accounts will be suspended while an investigation into a user’s possible involvement in hacking or cheating is ongoing. Although it’s uncommon, it does happen occasionally.

Users may be banned based only on allegations, especially if they have a history of causing problems, or they may be accused of utilising hackers (which is against the terms of service).

If the user is innocent, they must follow the steps listed below to clear things up. It is a quick and uncomplicated process that will quickly reinstate the user.


How To Unban Someone on Discord Using A PC

The same steps apply whether you are using a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook device to unban a specific user from Discord: launch Discord on a computer, connect to the server or channel from which you want them banned, and then follow the on-screen instructions.



Start Discord

Open Discord and go to the server or channel where the person’s ban should be lifted. Bans can be found in the bottom left of the page menu by selecting Server Settings from the drop-down menu that appears when you click the down arrow in the upper left corner of the screen next to the server name.



Look Up The User You Want To Ban

You can view a comprehensive list of all banned users here. Next, look up the user you wish to unban. You can do this by typing their name into the search bar or by choosing their name from a list.



Lift the ban

To unban a user, click on them. The user will be able to use the server without restriction, just as they did before the ban, if they choose the option to Revoke Ban.


How To Unban Users On Discord with MEE6

You might use MEE6 to act as a Discord role bot in specific circumstances, in which case you can also use it to lift member bans. Open Discord on a laptop or computer, go to Server Settings, and choose the downward-pointing arrow in the top left corner. Choose Bans, look up the member, then choose to Revoke Ban.

Final Thoughts

Unbanning members from Discord servers is a crucial skill that you should be able to perform quite effortlessly.

Even though most Discord servers function without incident, there are occasionally problems, and people can and do be banned unfairly or based on false information or reports. So, the ability to revoke or reverse a Discord ban is essential, and the procedure is simple and easy.

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