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We constantly want our possessions, especially our technology, to represent our personalities. Because of this, we frequently alter the appearance of our gadgets, whether it be with a sticker or skin on the exterior or a wallpaper, dock, or widget inside the device.

After all, we want to personalise the tool, right? Adding live dynamic wallpapers to your device is one of the simplest ways to make it uniquely yours. The reason is that occasionally, their dynamic nature lends a personalised but dynamic look and feel.

Did I mention that some of these apps are also free? Having said that, let’s investigate the top apps for setting live dynamic wallpapers as your device’s background. Okay, are you prepared?

Live wallpapers, often known as animated wallpapers, give your Windows 11 desktop setting life. What’s best? A number of… Learn more.

One of the best desktop apps for animated wallpapers is called Desktop Live Wallpapers. With its library of thousands of wallpapers divided into categories like Cats, Nature, River, Search, Sun, etc., you are able to download dynamic wallpapers.

The app’s pro edition allows you to put your favourite private videos as your background by uploading them there. Its ability for multiple screens (at least three) and different DPIs, which helps your entire workspace reflect your chosen design, is one of its strongest features.


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Videos may be played on Android and iPhone devices using Desktop Live Wallpapers. All you have to do to use the files in this app is copy them from your phone to the PC. Also, you have the option of playing videos with sound by turning on the corresponding setting.

The last, and finest, feature is that it pauses the video when the desktop is hidden or when using full-screen programmes, so you don’t have to worry about the live wallpaper sucking up too many system resources.


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Rainmeter is a powerful toolkit for adding widgets and live wallpaper to your desktop. It is one of the tools that is frequently used in Windows 10 to display customisable skins and widgets. Informational widgets like hardware utilisation, real-time news, weather predictions, etc. are included in its skins.

Your films can be used as the desktop background, or you can select from thousands of themes and wallpapers. Also, you can choose from one of the few initial skins that the site offers or download skins from the huge selection of Rainmeter skin collectibles available online.


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You can use part-GIF as your wallpaper or add an animation to a still image, which is one of Rainmeter’s most fascinating features. Not to mention, Rainmeter’s gentle use of hardware resources, such as memory and storage, is another appealing aspect.

One of the top applications on this list is Wallpaper Engine. You can download films from the Internet, animate your own photos, make your own wallpapers, or select one of the application’s wallpaper options. Amazingly, Wallpaper Engine offers countless options.

Its wide display support makes it the star of the show. All monitor resolutions, including ultra-wide displays, are supported. Also, it can easily manage any multi-monitor setups.

The advanced editor in Wallpaper Engine enables users to create live animated wallpapers from static photos. If a game or app is running in full-screen, the performance settings may stop working.


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In contrast to the apps mentioned above, this one is paid. For a low one-time cost of 3.99 USD, Wallpaper Engine can be purchased from its website through merchants like Green Man Gaming, Humble Store, Steam, etc.

Another programme offering live wallpapers for laptops and Desktops is DeskScapes from Stardock. DeskScapes has a sizable selection of wallpapers, and like the majority of the other programmes on this list, you can upload your own photos and videos to further customise your laptop.

DeskScapes stands out thanks to the amazing wallpaper-making effects it provides for your photos. Sepia, Inverted, Night vision, Canvas texture, and numerous other effects are on the list of its effects. You can make your own animated videos with its Dream Creator as well.

DeskScapes supports multiple monitors, allowing you to give each of your screens a unique background. Also, its user interface is simple to use and intuitive, making navigation simple. But like Wallpaper Engine, it is also a premium app, only $6 USD.

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One of the most well-known applications that offers live wallpapers is WinDynamicDesktop. The reason is that it brings the Dynamic Desktop feature from the macOS Mojave operating system to Windows 10, which alters the desktop background based on the time of day and allows you to keep track of the time while using your computer continually.

Final Thoughts

The only live wallpaper application on our list that changes the wallpaper based on the time of day is WinDynamicDesktop. The system’s location data is used to determine the time of day and change the wallpaper automatically based on that knowledge.

The first time you use the app, you must select a favourite theme and provide your location; after that, the software will figure out the time and automatically change the background wallpaper.

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