How to Use iMessage on Windows? A Step To Step Guide In 2023!

It can be pretty unpleasant to unlock your iPhone every time you receive a new iMessage notice when you spend your entire day working on a Windows tablet. Fortunately, you can access iMessage on Windows and save a lot of time even though Microsoft and Apple programs rarely work well together.

Let’s examine the top choices and select the best method for you to use to run iMessage on a Windows 10 computer.

How to Run iMessage on Windows 10?

Technically, Windows 10 does not support iMessage. But, you can run iMessage using remote access software that is supported by Windows. In this way, you won’t have to worry about attempting to make Windows and iMessage get along.

Method 1: Using Chrome Remote Desktop

imsg on windows

With Chrome Remote Desktop installed, you may use iMessage online. You’ll need a Windows computer, a host macOS system, and an iPhone to serve as the source messaging device.

The plan, in this case, is to leave the Mac system running and access it remotely from a Windows 10 Computer because Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to utilize your PC from anywhere.

When you need to access your messages but don’t have access to your Macbook, this method is extremely helpful. Even if you close the Google Chrome browser on your macOS device, the connection to your Macbook remains active.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop on the Mac and Windows 10 PC first, then launch the Google Chrome web browser. You will be prompted for consent on the Mac. Permit the installation of the expansion.

A Get Started button will appear after installation. To download the host software for Chrome Remote Desktop, click it.

Click the Enable Remote Connections option in Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac once again. To access a different screen in Windows, you must generate a PIN or password.

With the same account, you set up on your Mac, launch Chrome Remote Desktop on Windows 10 and locate the remote Mac. Choose Start Screen Sharing by clicking on it.

Now that you have access to your Mac, you may use it to open iMessage and utilize it as you choose, including playing iMessage games on a larger screen.

Method 2: Using an iPadian Emulator

imsg on windows

One of the finest options for using iMessage on a Windows Desktop is an iPad emulator. You can access all blocked iOS apps, including iMessage, with the $25 tool.

Start by downloading iPadian Emulator to your Windows computer from the website.

Once the installation is finished, launch the emulator. Click the box to proceed after accepting the terms and conditions during installation. After finished, the iPad app will launch. The single mode of operation is full screen.

You can now use the unique features of iMessage on your Windows Computer by searching for the iMessage program in the search bar.

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Method 3: Using Cloud Service Cydia

imsg on windows

Using Cydia is a different method for downloading iMessage on Windows. Make sure your Windows computer and your iOS smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network before continuing to use this program. Be aware that accessing iMessage on your Windows computer will cost you $4.

On your iOS device, go to and download Cydia.

  • Following installation, enter Settings and select General to enable the creation of new profiles.
  • Your username and password must be made.
  • Now open your PC’s web browser and type the IP address into the enable tab.
  • To finish the setup, click Enter and enter the login and password.
  • You can now establish a connection using iMessage for Windows 10.

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