How To Use Voicemod On Discord

We’ve talked about Discord here before, but we haven’t yet covered how to customise your experience. You can use Voicemod on your Discord server following the instructions in this post.

Users of the web-based communication tool Discord can interact with each other via text, audio, video, and GIFs. More than 100 million people utilise it every day.

This guide will teach you how to install VoiceMod for Discord, select the voice you wish to use in Discord, enable it, and modify various settings, such as using a baby voice or sounding like you’re trapped in a cave.


Setting Up Voicemod



Get Voicemod

By clicking on this link, you can download Voicemod as the initial step.




After downloading Voicemod, launch the installation programme, then select Voicemod and complete the installation. The home screen should then appear after this.

There are two choices at the bottom of the screen. The first choice is Hear My Self, which allows you to choose between hearing yourself through speakers or headphones. The Voice Changer option, the second choice, can be turned on or off.



setup of a microphone

Make sure the appropriate microphone is picked after that. By going to the audio settings and choosing the desired microphone, you can see this. Any outside microphones will be audible here.

This step is very crucial since you must choose the appropriate microphone. Enter after going to the sound settings on your laptop or computer. Make sure the input is set to Voicedmod Virtual Audio Device from here.


Setting Up Discord

The next step is to visit Discord and make sure your settings are accurate so you can use your voice there.

Go to the User Settings section of Discord after starting it up. Click this choice by navigating to the Voice & Video tab in the sidebar. This will take you to Discord’s voice settings.

From here, you must switch to the Voicemod Virtual Audio Device that Voicmod will generate after the programme is installed.


Using Voicemod

You should be able to use Voicemod for Discord and modify your voice if you carefully followed the instructions above.

The voices you can use now depend on whether you have the basic version or the pro version of the app.

The Today’s Free Voices option, which will display all of the free voice-changing voices accessible for that day, may be found at the top of the Voicemod voicebox page.

You can choose All Voices from the menu below, however this option is only available to Voicemod pro users.

Simply click one of the voices provided, then begin speaking into your microphone after changing your voice.

At any point, you can switch the voice changer off at the bottom of Voicemod or choose Clean from the voice options to return to your natural voice.

By using the options on Voicebox’s right side, you may also modify the settings for each voice changer.

From this point, you can modify the voice’s audibility or adjust the sound’s bass, midrange, and treble.

Final Thoughts

Once it’s up and running, Voicemod is a lot of fun, and you’ll like using some of the bizarre Discord voice-changing options.

To create different voices that correspond to different moods, use your imagination.

The nicest part about Voicemod is that, even when used frequently, it does not affect your natural voice. But let’s face it, once you start sounding like your voice has been autotuned, you won’t want to stop!

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