How to Convert Jfif to Jpg on Windows/Mac? A Complete Guide In 2023!

If you find yourself with a photo file in the JFIF format, don’t worry; it’s easy to convert to the more common JPG format, and the converted image is of a sort of JPG that should work in just about any program.

When searching for images to download from the internet, you will most often run across JFIF files. The JFIF file format was used before the development of the modern JPG format.

JFIF files employ JPG compression, although their structure is slightly different. These days, a JFIF file may be recognized by just about any application that recognizes JPG files.

But, changing formats is easy. File formats like JFIF and JPG are quite similar, however, JPG is more widely used. Converting a JFIF file is a simple process if you ever find yourself in need of doing so. In this article, we’ll talk about how to quickly change JFIF files into JPG format.

What Is a Jfif Image?

The JFIF format is not as widely used as other image formats like JPG and PNG. This is a JPEG version of an image format that is widely used in digital photography and related activities. It’s a bitmap image that has been compressed using JPEG.

How to Convert Jfif to Jpg on Windows?

jfif to jpg

All JFIF files are automatically recognized as JPGs by the vast majority of Windows graphics programs. Then, use the Save As menu item to save the file as a JPG. The Paint tutorial for that is as follows.

The paint will now open. You may locate it by searching for “paint” in the Start menu’s search bar.
Proceed with the JFIF file launch. The JFIF can be dragged directly into Paint, or it can be opened using File > Open.
Go to the File menu and choose Save As. The new file should be saved in the allotted folder.

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How To Convert JFIF To JPG On Mac

jfif to jpg

Even though the JFIF and JPG file formats are very similar to one another, macOS isn’t set up to recognize files with the JFIF file extension. While Mac programs may not be able to read JFIF files, they may be able to read JPG files if you rename the JFIF file extension.

To begin the conversion process, launch Finder and look for the JFIF file you wish to convert.
When you’re ready, click the file’s name again. In order to rename the file, you must do so now.
After renaming the JFIF file to a.jpg extension, press.
In the resulting dialogue box, double-check that you truly want to make these changes.
If you’re using a Mac, the image format will automatically be recognized as JPG. Open the file in Preview, and then save it as a JPG if you want to make if the file structure is suitable with the JPG file format.

  • Double-clicking the file will launch it in Preview.
  • To export your document, go to File > Export in the main menu.
  • Format the file by giving it a name and selecting a location, then click Save.
  • Conversion techniques provided by a third party
  • A JFIF file can be viewed in any program that can see a JPG file on a PC or Mac computer. After that, you can either work with the file in its current form or save it as a JPG for later use. Picture editing software like Photoshop can read JFIF files. Convertio is a free web-based service that can be used to transform JFIF files into JPG images.
  • Open Convertio on your preferred web browser.
  • Pick Files and locate the JFIF image you want to use.
  • Double-check that “JPEG” is selected in the to: drop-down selection.
  • To finish, select Convert.

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