LG Magic Remote not working – fixes

You own an LG TV, but the LG Magic Remote isn’t functioning properly. It’s frustrating, but don’t give up. We’ll go over some important fixes and ideas to attempt before acquiring a replacement in this article.

If you don’t see the right solution right away, read down because we’ll address the most common problems here as well.

LG Magic Remote not working issues


LG Magic Remote won t pair or register

Any non-working remote has a pairing issue at its core because the TV and remote need to be linked in order to function!

The pairing issue with the LG Magic Remote could be caused by any of the following.



Check the batteries

Even with a brand-new remote, batteries should be checked first since if they’re not giving the remote enough juice, it won’t pair.

Replace the batteries with fresh ones, then retry the pairing.



Ensure clear line of sight

The LG Magic Remote needs to have a direct line of sight to your LG TV in order to link with it.

By doing this, you can make sure that nothing is obstructing the infrared and Bluetooth signals that the remote uses to connect to and communicate with the TV.

Check the top of your LG Magic Remote to see if there is a flash indicating an instruction is being delivered to the TV if the line of sight is unobstructed.

Check again by using the camera app on a smartphone to see if you can still see the flash. This should do the trick.



Reset the remote

Depending on the brand and age of your TV, you might need to reset the LG Magic Remote (and remote).

Unless otherwise specified in your product documentation, try one of these approaches. The remote for your LG TV should be reset and repaired using options 2 and 3.

  1. Press and hold both the Home and Back buttons for 5 seconds, until the remote starts to flash.
  2. Hold down the Exit button for 30 seconds.
  3. Hold down the Guide button for 30 seconds.



Reset the TV

The possibility exists that the failure of your LG Magic Remote is caused by the TV.

Reset the TV by turning it off at the plug and removing the plug for a minute to test this. Remove the remote’s batteries as well.

Return the LG Magic Remote’s batteries after a minute has passed, plug the TV back in, and turn it back on.

If all goes well, this will have taken care of your problems.


LG Magic Remote keeps disconnecting

In this case, we advise examining the batteries because a power problem could be the cause of the remote’s intermittent pairing.

You could try getting closer to the TV to the remote if it’s likely that it’s out of range. Yet, in most circumstances, this is unlikely.

Should neither of the aforementioned methods work, your remote may be broken and require replacement.

Final thoughts

If none of the aforementioned suggestions can make your LG Magic Remote stop malfunctioning, it might be time to ask for a replacement.

If TV remote controls are properly paired, powered, and not utilised at great distances from the associated TV, they should operate without any problems (usually around 30 feet).

It could be a battery or button issue if your LG Magic Remote gradually becomes less responsive (the former is simpler to fix at home!). However getting in touch with LG for a replacement is generally a smart option if the remote is brand new or abruptly stops working and won’t repair.

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