Top 5 Best No Wifi Games in 2023!

People concerned about Wifi Radiation try to find games that will entertain their children that do not need WiFi. Since the younger our children are, the more susceptible they are to the harmful health effects caused by this non-ionizing form of electromagnetic radiation, this is very important.

Our top picks for the 10 Best Free No WiFi Games for Kids are 1. Toca Boca, 2. Highlights Shapes App, 3. Daniel Tiger, 4. Toddler Puzzle Games for Kids, 5. Endless ABC, 6. Phonics – ABC Tracing for Kids, 7. Endless 123, 8. Fiete Math, 9. Sago Mini Games, and 10. ABC Animal Toddler Adventures.

So to save you the research here are our top 10 picks for games your kids can play on their tablets and cellphones that do not use WiFi. The list below also links to the part of the article that talks about each of the games. To get to that section just click the corresponding link. Then to return to this list just click the back button on your internet browser. Alright, let’s get going!

1. Toca Boca

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Toca Boca is a children’s game created by a Slovenian-owned Swedish game development studio. They focus on children-friendly applications for smartphones and tablets. Their goal is to make games that inspire kids to use their imagination.

They make colorful interactive games that kids can play on their cellphones and tablets without having to use WiFi. Their games are typically made for children from three to eight years old.

2. Highlights Shapes App

no wifi games

Preschoolers ages 3 and up will have an awesome time finishing an enchanting fox in this universe of great kids’ hues and shapes. In straightforward however intentional undertakings, kids contact and drag strong-hued shapes into the coordinating void spots.

Each right match changes into another and energizing liveliness that joys youthful youngsters. They won’t most likely hold on to perceive what comes straightaway!

Highlights Shapes application advances fun, and significant learning by joining geometric, arranging, and coordinating aptitudes that are urgent for preschoolers to get a handle on.

As youngsters accurately match and sort, they’ll create inventive reasoning and basic critical thinking aptitudes, both basic for the beginning of formal tutoring. Highlights Shapes games target kids ages 3 years old and up!

3. Daniel Tiger Play At Home App

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Meet Daniel Tiger, PBS’s most up-to-date neighbor. Playing is learning as you investigate sleep time, music, bath time, and play imagine specialist at Daniel’s home.

With this application, kids get the opportunity to play about a portion of Daniel’s ordinary encounters – encounters that may be a great deal like theirs.

What’s more, as they play, youthful youngsters will become familiar with somewhat increasingly about their place on the planet. You’ll be adapting as well – about your tyke – when you talk, tune in, and play together. Daniel Tiger App games target kids ages 3 to 5 years old!

Doctor: Play Doctor Daniel with the instruments that specialists use. At the point when youngsters play about being the specialist, they’re in control. That can make it simpler to oversee when they must be the patient.
Bedtime: Help Daniel prepare to rest – and your kids can be pondering their own sleep time schedules and the things that help them at sleep time.
In Daniel’s Bathroom: Wash, brush, and flush with Daniel and play about and practice washroom schedules.
Sticker Book: Youngsters can have some good times making up their own accounts as they play with many stickers in Daniel’s home and Neighborhood.

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4. Toddler Puzzle Games for Kids

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Inventive and instructive game for youngsters that will enable your tyke to invest energy with an electronic gadget adequately. Give your child a chance to feel like a genuine craftsman and create rational aptitudes simultaneously.

The application incorporates shading which is amicable to the youngest and puzzle-solving assignments with an educational component. Additionally, the application contains pictures on various themes which will engage your tyke with captivating sounds and clever characters. This app offers the following:

8 theme packages with 96 puzzles; \sEasy shading for kids; \sEducational riddles; \sCute liveliness toward the finish of each task.
The application is intended for your little ones of preschool age and is appropriate for young men and young ladies 2-5 years of age.

Every one of the exercises was created with the support of specialists in the field of kids’ instruction and incorporated such instructive components as developing fine motor skills and logic. Have a ton of fun!

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5. Endless Alphabet Children’s App8 theme packages with 96 puzzles;

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Set up for perusing accomplishment with this wonderfully intelligent instructive application. Children will have a ton of fun learning their ABCs and building vocabulary with the cute Endless beasts.

Each word includes an intelligent riddle game with talking letters and a short activity representing the definition. Before you know it, your youngster will utilize words like enormous and collaborate


  • More than 70 words to learn and play with
  • Magnificent activities show kids the meanings of the words in a fun and connecting way
  • Word game instructs youngsters letters
  • Perpetual Alphabet was planned in view of your youngsters – there are no high scores, disappointments, points of confinement or stress. Your kids can associate with the application at their own pace.

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