How to Transfer Money from Opay to Bank Account? A Step-to-Step Guide in 2023!

Due to the high volume of inquiries I’ve had regarding Opay, I’ve written this comprehensive guide to help you get started with the app, as well as borrow, transfer, and make money with it. If you’re curious about the app’s functionality, you’ve come to the correct place.

This system has a versatile design and an intuitive UI. It provides a wide range of services, its forte. Everything from obtaining a loan to making a payment on a bill. When it comes to digitally managing money, this platform is, without a doubt, the safest option.

But can you tell me more about Opay? As you continue to read, you’ll find out. Let’s get down to business for the time being.

What is Opay?

Opay is free, convenient, and secure mobile banking that can be accessed online. When you use the app to pay for things like airtime, bills, and more, you’ll be eligible for cashback.

In addition, you won’t have time to get bored with this software; there are plenty of entertaining features, such as “Spin & Win,” online Whot, and more. You may also put your money to work for you through the platform’s “Owealth” investment program. However, when you use the app, you’ll gain access to additional services like Credit Me, cashback, Easimoney, and Okash.

Important Things to Know About This App

  • It is the most widely used mobile payment system in Nigeria, with over 10 million users.
  • There are zero hidden fees associated with wire transfers.
  • Earn points while making purchases for cellular, utility, gambling, and more.
  • Get a plastic debit card sent to your mailbox free of charge, plus there are no card fees.
  • You can earn annual interest rates of up to 20% by saving with the app.
  • Easimoney and Okash are two reputable lending providers.
  • You can have free conversations with your friends and family by making use of the platform’s group chat features.
  • OPay takes the security of its customer’s personal data, digital wallets, and information very seriously.

Instructions for creating an Opay account

opay app

How to Register an Account:

  • If you have an Android device, navigate to the Play Store; if you have an iPhone, navigate to the App Store.
  • If you want to pay with Opay at the shop, use the search bar.
  • Just on the app icon, and then install it.
  • To make a brand new account, tap “Create a new account” on the app’s menu.
  • Enter your phone number into the corresponding field.
  • You will receive a one-time PIN in your email. Just copy the code and then paste it into the app’s box.
  • The next step is filling out a form.
  • Congratulations, your Opay account has been successfully created.

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Identify your Opay account number.

Following successful signup, your wallet balance on the dashboard will display a unique account number.

Here are the procedures you need to take to locate your account number:

  • Open the Opay mobile payment app.
  • Select “Wallet Balance” from the menu at the top of the main page.
  • A box will pop up with your account number; once you’ve made a copy, you can sign out.

Opay Money Transfer Instructions

Opay Money Transfer Instructions

On this network, you can send money in a few different methods. Opay allows you to send funds to your bank account or another Opay account wallet. I will also explain how to use a USSD code to send money to your bank account.

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How to Transfer Money from Opay to Bank Account?

  • Enter your login details.
  • The “Transfer” button is located just below the homepage’s dashboard.
  • Select “Bank Transfer” to proceed.
  • To choose your bank, click the rightward-pointing arrow.
  • In the second box, type in your account number.
  • Put the money you want to transfer in the third box.
  • To complete the transaction, select Done at the bottom of the app.

How do Transfer Money from Opay to Another Opay Account?

  • Enter your login details.
  • Simply select “Transfer” below.
  • Select “Make a Payment using Opay” to proceed.
  • Input the number that corresponds to your Opay account here.
  • In the second box, type the amount you wish to send and then click the “Done” button.

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How to Add or Deposit to Opay Account?

Opay Money Transfer Instructions

The following methods are available for funding your Opay account wallet.

  • Add Funds, then select “Bank Transfer” to fund your account with a bank transfer. Take a screenshot of your Opay account number and use it to make a bank transfer.
  • To top off your account, select Add Money and then Top-up. Just type in the sum and hit “Confirm.” You’ll be asked to fill out a form with your credit card information. Submit this form to finish the payment.
  • To make a cash deposit, you can do it at any participating retailer.
  • Send a request to your contacts asking them to replenish your account. Select Request Money, then in the first box click the person icon to find a contact who also uses this service. Money can be borrowed from them openly.
  • To borrow money and have it deposited into your Opay wallet quickly and easily, tap the Add Money button and then click EaseMoni.

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