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Rodo Sayagues’ second film, Don’t Breathe, immerses us once more in the world of the veteran assassin Norman. Once more, the Stephan Lang figure is the centre of attention and the pivot around which the story revolves. Your interest will be captured if I simply mention that a self-sufficient blind former U.S. Navy seal who battles the odds to defend his one and only possession.

Don t Breathe 2 Recap

Many people were intrigued by the premise of Don’t Breathe 1 and wanted to learn more about this skilled assassin. It was interesting to go inside Norman’s world. How he was so fierce that even after going blind, no rational person would want to be his adversary. The Rottweiler, Shadow, is still his dependable companion as he was in the first chapter.

Don’t Breathe’s first installment centred on how a bunch of young people intended to rob an elderly guy who was blind and lived alone. They believed they could take advantage of him by stealing the compensation funds provided by the defendants in the case of a car accident. His daughter had died in the collision. The young people, who were casual con artists, believed it to be a windfall. They had no idea that the man they planned to steal from would turn out to be their worst nightmare.

Don t Breathe 2 Plot Summary

In the opening sequence, we see a burned-out house and a young girl strolling down the nearby road. Eight years later, we see the same girl residing with Norman at his home. She is not a student and does not have many friends. She envies other kids’ freedom of movement and their ability to interact with friends.

For the young child he had named Phoenix, Norman had made up a tale. He informed her that he was his son’s father and that her mother had perished in their burning home. Norman was aware that his past would follow him and that he would eventually have to confront it.

Phoenix received combat training from Norman, who also helped her get ready for an imminent conflict.

Why Did Raylan Break Into Norman s House?

Raylan, a gang boss, intrudes into Norman’s home. One suspects that Raylan and his group members entered Norman’s in an effort to stop a gang that had increased their illicit organ trafficking operations.

Norman learns that Shadow, his cherished dog, has been shot. He believes someone or something has broken into his home. The gang starts on a wild goose chase after realising that they are not dealing with a regular person. Despite all the odds, a battered, cut, and ragged Norman makes sure he hears the grunts and moans emanating from each one of them. But there were numerous. The elderly man was attacked from all sides and fired at with firearms.

Then Raylan breaks his silence and informs Phoenix that Norman is not actually her biological father. She hears him say that he came to collect what was rightfully his, not to harm her. Phoenix learns that he was Phoenix’s true father and that Norman had kidnapped him eight years earlier. He departs with the young girl and sets Norman’s home on fire.

Raylan and Josephine The Revelation

Raylan’s true intent is made clear when he invites Phoenix inside his home. She is informed that her real name is Tara and that she is free to leave if she so chooses. Tara initially recognises her mother as she prepares to leave. She pauses in shock at finally meeting the person she had longed to see her entire life. It seems like things would only get better from here. However, everything appeared too wonderful to be true.

To survive, Josephine required a heart transplant. She was rendered helpless, and the fire’s devastating effects on her body were clearly visible. She worked as the couple’s former meth lab’s cook. The group as a whole placed the highest priority on her continued survival. When Tara is put on the operating table while inebriated, a surgeon is prepared to do the transplant. The lights went out just as he was about to start, and everyone realised it was the old Hitman who had come for their life.

Credits: Bad Hombre/ Ghost House Pictures

Don t Breathe 2 Ending Explained Is Norman Still Alive?

Using a battle cry, Norman slays anything that stands in his way. Tara is rescued and set free by him. He warns her not to approach him because he didn’t deserve her. The injured old guy informs Tara that he doesn’t want to be saved this time and she goes. Tara visits the covenant shelter, where she finally has the opportunity to socialise. But in the end, something unexpected occurs.

In Norman’s home, Raylan had left his dog to burn. Because Norman saved the dog, the dog had sworn allegiance to him. The dog had accompanied Norman to Raylan’s hiding place. The dog eventually sniffs and licks a wounded Norman who is thought to have passed away. But the screen goes dark, and his hands twitch.

The creators have made it abundantly obvious that Norman is still alive and that a new episode of Don’t Breathe is planned.

In Conclusion

Don’t Breathe 2 is a suspenseful thriller that mainly relies on Stephan Lang’s performance as the title character. This time, Norman is deadlier and far more lethal due to his anguish and pain. It would be interesting to see where the makers go from here.

Rodo Sayagues is the director of the 2021 Drama Thriller movie Don’t Breathe 2.

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