How to Download ShareMe on Smartphone/PC? A Step-to-Step Guide in 2023!

Long-term file sharing between a mobile device and a desktop In its early stages, it was a straightforward, risk-free, and widely adopted method. The USB connector on the terminal can be used in the same way that a hard drive would copy data to a computer.

The transfer has improved to the point where the user no longer needs a standard connection and can get by with barely using an application. ShareMe, whose name translates to “share me” in Spanish, is one such app designed specifically for Xiaomi devices.

This guide will help you understand what ShareMe is and how to use it to transfer data between your devices, including your phone and a Windows PC. Everything you store on your mobile device, from photos to PDFs to movies, can be transferred quickly and easily.

What Is ShareMe?

The popular smartphone maker Xiaomi has created an app called ShareMe that allows users to send and receive files without using the Internet. It’s fast and reliable, and it works for transfers between Android phones and between mobile devices and computers.

With WiFi, which is included, data may be transferred from the terminal to the computer with ease. As is often the case, this means we can avoid adding yet another software to Windows without sacrificing functionality.

Xiaomi has decided to release this app because it is widely regarded as one of the most effective means of communication, and it does not require a high level of technical expertise from users to operate. About a billion individuals have downloaded this app, making it one of the most popular in the world.

How to Download ShareMe?

share me app download

ShareMe, which is free and can be obtained from the Google Play store, is the initial step in using the app. Users of Huawei devices also have access to Huawei Share, which can be downloaded via the Aurora Store and other file-sharing services like Uptodown.

If you don’t have a device running Android 4.0 or later and a constant WiFi connection, you won’t be able to use this. When you use the ShareMe app on the phone you want to use as a transmitter, it will use wireless to send the data to the other terminal, which can be another phone, tablet, or computer. The data will reach at its destination securely since it will have been encrypted.

If you don’t already have it, you can get it from the link below; it won’t take up too much space. Specific licenses are needed for the box. The program will ask for it once you install and start it on your smartphone, grant all of them, and do not cancel any of them if you want the operation to be affected.

How to Use Share Me on Your Device?

WIFI allows one device to send data to another device (phone, tablet, or PC) without the need for an Internet connection, making it ideal for transferring media files, files, and other data without interruptions. If you want to avoid being constantly disrupted by the phone, you should keep the wireless switch on at all times.

The process is straightforward, requiring only two or three actions; the two devices that exchange data must be linked, just like in a Bluetooth setup. As the transfer rate is greater than that of the competing technology, sending a file is a breeze.

Follow these steps on a phone with the ShareMe app installed to send a file:

  • Step one is to get the app from the app store, install it, and then enable all of the app’s rights.
  • Launch the program and set up your account, tailoring your profile to your preferences.
  • Authorize the transfer to take place; if you decline, you’ll need to turn it back on later if you wish to use the system.
  • You’ll see two primary options, “Send” and “Receive,” with the former being activated if you wish to immediately initiate a shipment outbound and the latter being used to receive packages.
  • After selecting the desired photo, video, document, or file and clicking “Send,” you can send it on its merry way.
  • Put the other phone (using ShareMe) or computer in the same network as the device you want to share (it can connect to the same network quickly)
  • Sharing files using ShareMe is as simple as scanning a QR code.
  • After you agree to this, whatever is given to you will quickly begin arriving. This could be a single item or a batch of items.

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How to Send from Phone to Computer?

share me app download

Many ShareMe customers have asked how they can transfer files from their mobile device to a desktop or laptop running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Connecting a computer to the network established by the Xiaomi software is as easy as doing so from one phone to another.

You can use the app to periodically communicate stuff via the network, which functions in much the same way as if you had set it up directly between computers. If you find that your gallery is full and that your available space on your hard drive is running low, you can delete unwanted items and transfer them to your computer.

Here’s how they’re linked up:

  • Fire up the program on your Android gadget.
  • Join the computer and the phone to the same local network (WiFi connection)
  • Launch the program and select “Menu” followed by “Connect to computer” and “Start.”
  • Select the connection type, and use the one that generates the password, for your security
  • To send data via the wireless network, copy the FTP code.
  • Simply paste the address into your browser of choice and hit “Enter.”
  • Moreover, prepared

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