What Is Skiplagged? Its Benefits, Features & More in 2023!

Call it to travel hacking if you like, but we’re huge advocates of making the most of available resources to cut costs wherever we go. This includes never having to pay an ATM fee again no matter where you are in the world and utilizing Google Flights to discover the most affordable flights.

But, there is a contentious way that some passengers insist on using to save money, much to the chagrin of airlines. It’s been the focus of debate, controversy, and legal action. The term “throwaway ticket” or “hidden city ticket” may be familiar to you.

You’ve probably heard of Skiplagged, the website responsible for popularizing this trend. But, there are a few things you should know before using this strategy to save money on airfare.

What Is Skiplagged?

The term “throwaway tickets” (also known as “hidden city ticketing”) is now commonly known thanks to Skiplagged.

To save money, some people would purchase a multi-city flight but then abandon the remaining legs of the journey, a practice known as “throwaway” or “hidden city” tickets. Skiplagged has bundled this approach of buying tickets into online flight and vacation search engines, allowing you to purchase low-cost flights and hotels with a single search.

Yet, in comparison to other OTAs like Priceline and Expedia, it differs greatly in how it locates and presents low-cost flights.

How Does Skiplagged App Work?

Skiplagged makes it simple to find flights; just launch the app, and it will list the available flights for you. You can now choose between a round-trip and a one-way journey. The next step is to click the “Search Flights” button.

After that, the app will display the cheapest options along with their “Skiplagged rate,” and the user can further refine their search by selecting specific criteria like the number of stops they’re willing to make, their preferred airline, the length of their flight, the cities they’d like to stop in, and more.

Notable Features of Skiplagged App


Skiplagged is one of the finest flight-booking apps because of the many features it provides to assist travelers like you save time and money. Check out the main features that make Skiplagged one of the finest last-minute travel apps, and get a feel for how this software for booking plane tickets functions:

  • cheap flights at a steep discount;
  • The latest in navigational innovation, the search bar;
  • The app incorporates a booking system;
  • An algorithmically created itinerary;
  • A comprehensive list of cities;
  • Changing the default currency is a breeze.

Skiplagged App Guidelines

To continue using the Skiplagged app, there are a few guidelines that must be fulfilled. The rules are there for a reason, and if the pilot disregards them, trouble could arise. The rules of Skiplagging are as follows:

  • Don’t let anyone know you’re not going to make your flight;
  • Avoid the practice of skiplagged circular trips.
  • No one should ever miss a flight;
  • Baggage is not accepted for check-in and must be carried on.
  • Do not treat the ability to skip class as if it were a right.

What Makes Skiplagged Stand Out?

  • The deals on the Skiplagged flight app are so good that major media outlets including CNN, the BBC, and the Los Angeles Times have written about it. As was previously said, the actual cost of a business class ticket is substantially lower than the amount airlines advertise.
  • A convenient search bar and numerous other filters help the user quickly zero in on the best flight options. When a user enters their departure and arrival cities, the Skiplagged app automatically fills in the nearest major airport. Using this information, the app identifies all planes that will be flying over the desired location and displays a list of flights that will be making the same stop.
  • Suggested Destinations: Skiplagged provides a list of potential destinations, together with information on available airfare discounts. Destinations for trips are included on the list. Thus, Skiplagged is an excellent travel app that can also be used as a travel planner.
  • Booking Flights Has Never Been Easier Thanks to Skiplagged, Anything You Need to Know About Your Flight, From the Airline to the Dates and Stopovers, Is There in Front of You. The user will be taken to a clean and simple website where the booking may be completed.
  • Skiplagged’s default currency for transactions in US dollars, however, users can switch to any of several other currencies from within the app.

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Some Extras From Skiplagged

The best flight ticket app, Skiplagged, provides more than just low-cost flights and reasonable flight booking; it also facilitates hotel reservations, complete with last-minute hotel deals, online hotel bookings, and more. After a long journey, a weary traveler will need a place to rest, and the Skiplagged app has plenty of options for affordable hotels. This is one of the many reasons it is a viable alternative for the following hotel discounts:

  • Set up hotel reservations
  • Affordable hotels at the last minute;
  • Booking a hotel room online;
  • Cheapest hotel rates;
  • Hotels may be sorted, Skiplagged reviews can be read, and traveler ratings viewed;

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