T-Mobile Home Internet: How To SignUp It In 2023?

T-Mobile Home Internet is a great option because you won’t have to waste your day waiting for an installation professional.

As an alternative, T-Mobile allows you to set up your service independently in under 15 minutes.

Recently, I switched to T-Mobile Home Internet and recorded the entire switchover for posterity. In this article and the one that follows, you’ll find everything you need to know to get going.

Signup Process 

In order to see if you may get T-Mobile home internet service, you must first enter your phone number and address into the company’s website.

T-Mobile Home Internet: Unlimited Plan

  • Broadband Internet Service for Your Home, From T-Mobile, With No Data Limits!
  • No data limitations for $50/month with autopay
  • The necessary tools are provided with no need for a yearly contract.

Here, the unlimited data package from T-Mobile Home Internet was accessible.

T-Unlimited Mobile’s Home Internet Package
With auto-pay, you can get unlimited data for $50 a month.
No annual commitment Equipment included

T-Mobile sent me several emails after I placed my order and before my gateway arrived.

Secure a T-Mobile ID

The signup procedure was straightforward. To join up, I clicked the link and entered the email address I used to set up my internet subscription.

After signing up, I was given access to a dashboard that displays account info, such as my current balance.

Launch Your 5G Gateway

tmobile home internet

After the 5G gateway shows up at your house, you may move on to the next stage of setting up T-Mobile Home Internet.

You’ll find these three items inside the box:

  • T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Gateway Installation Instructions with Power Supply
  • Your smartphone is also required to activate the gateway.
  • To begin, decide where to put your entrance. T-Mobile suggests positioning it near a window and power outlet, ideally on a higher floor.
  • Setting up your entrance is the first order of business. T-Mobile suggests installing the device on a higher floor near a window and a power outlet.
  • While the device boots up, you can install the T-Mobile Home Internet app on your mobile smartphone. The setup is simplified using these instructions.
  • You can find the best spot for your doorway with the help of a little video.
  • When I set up my gateway, I put it next to a window and a wall outlet. It was, however, exposed to strong sunshine.
  • As I transferred the gateway to an adjacent table, the signal strength immediately increased.
  • When you’ve settled on a suitable location for your gateway, the app will invite you to scan a QR code on its back.
  • Connect the gateway by downloading the accompanying app and then using your phone to log into the T-Mobile Wi-Fi network.
  • Once you’ve connected, T-Mobile will ask you to modify your network name and password from the default settings shown on the gateway’s rear.
  • It is recommended, but not required, to record the new network’s name and password.
  • A visual representation of the connection’s quality will appear on the gateway’s screen once the configuration procedure is complete. For me, it simply says “Very good.”
  • You can also get this data using the T-Mobile Home Internet app.
  • If the app’s placement assistant suggests a different spot for the gateway to be installed because of poor connectivity, try that spot instead.
  • In any case, you should be prepared to try a few different locations before finding one with a satisfactory signal.
  • The second I was all set up, I fired up the Speedtest app on my phone to see how fast my connection was. For comparison, my upload speed was only 18.7 Mbps but my download speed was 246 Mbps.
  • These are excellent download rates for a 5G home internet service, so I knew I had chosen a suitable location for my gateway.
  • As a last step, you’ll need to access the Wi-Fi settings on each of your devices (phones, Televisions, PCs, etc.) and change them to connect to the new network.
  • The gateway’s back features a list with the network’s name and password. But, it’s possible that during installation you choose a different network name and password.
  • The T-Mobile Home Internet app allows you to see all the devices that are currently connected to your network at any moment.

Activate Additional Perks 

If you’re looking for a home internet provider, T-Mobile is currently providing some rather enticing deals to entice you to switch. But, there are other requirements before you may redeem these benefits.

Promotions are always shifting. In exchange for trying out T-Mobile Home Internet, I received a $50 prepaid Mastercard and a year of Paramount+.

The day after I placed my order, I received information on how to claim my prizes.

My recommendation is that you check your inbox for a message with the subject line “Message from T-Mobile Care” to see if there is any promotional information there.

  • Enter your promotional code at https://promotions.t-mobile.com/ to receive your $50 prepaid Mastercard.
  • My search for a way to save $10 a month on Philo for a year led me to https://promotions.t-mobile.com/philo.
  • I was told to visit https://promotions.t-mobile.com/paramountplus to purchase a subscription to Paramount+ for a year.

In order to participate in these offers, a valid phone number is required.

Internet line numbers are available to T-Mobile Home Internet subscribers via the T-Mobile Home Internet app. You may find the option towards the bottom of the main screen.

Put the number into the “phone” section on the discounts pages.

Unlock T-Mobile Tuesdays Savings 

tmobile home internet
  • As of today, T-Mobile Tuesdays deals can be redeemed by those who subscribe to T-Home Mobile’s Internet service. Wireless subscribers have had access to this savings offer for quite some time.
  • The T-Mobile Tuesdays app, available for download separately, provides access to these savings.
  • Signing in with a T-Mobile wireless and internet customer’s phone number and a verification code issued to that number is possible.
  • Yet things are handled otherwise if you rely solely on T-Mobile for your home network.
  • Instead of dialing a phone number, you’ll need to input your internet line number before you can use the app. Get this contact info by downloading the T-Mobile Home Internet app.
  • Then T-Mobile will provide a 4-digit verification code over the gateway.
  • The display of my gateway has three buttons beneath it. By using the right arrow key, I was able to access the messages screen where the secret code was shown.
  • Finally, use your phone’s keypad to unlock exclusive deals and discounts on T-Tuesdays. Mobile’s There are weekly price drops and special offers.

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Contacting Support

T-Home Mobile’s Internet customer care can be reached via phone if you run into any problems. You can reach them at 1-844-275-9310.

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