What is Tesla Phone? Everything You Need to Know in 2023!

The idea of a Tesla phone that would change the game has been hyped since early 2021 by tech experts, online forums, and tabloids. Is it even real, though? You can learn everything you need to know about the highly anticipated Tesla phone in this article, including information on its features and estimated release date.

The Tesla Phone: What Is It?

Tesla undoubtedly transformed the electric vehicle industry. The Roadster, Tesla’s first vehicle, debuted in 2008 and soon rose to the top of the world’s fastest-producing car rankings. With its vehicles ever since Tesla has pushed the limits of technology.

The smartphone sector, however, has recently come to light as a way for Tesla to diversify its holdings, according to insider sources. The purported name of the gadget is Model Pi.

There is no official confirmation that the Texas-based corporation plans to create a new device, despite extensive rumors and conjecture to the contrary. We don’t know much about the device’s potential features because the corporation is coy about its development goals.

Although the business is renowned for its cutting-edge technology, it is still unclear whether this would convert into success in the cutthroat smartphone industry. That will undoubtedly be a highly anticipated launch if Tesla does release a smartphone if the reports are accurate.

The smartphone would be an obvious progression of Tesla’s plan to vertically integrate its core technology and market directly to consumers. Tesla designs and manufactures the majority of its auto parts in-house, in contrast to its competitors who depend on outside vendors for many essential components. As a result, it can exert more control over both quality and price.

The same might apply to a Tesla smartphone, which might have ground-breaking battery technology and a novel design. It will be interesting to see if Tesla can successfully compete with well-established brands like Apple and Samsung in the already saturated smartphone market.


Everything we currently know about the Tesla phone is as follows:

Compatible With Starlink

According to reports, SpaceX’s Starlink satellite-based broadband internet service is compatible with the Model Pi smartphone. The service is accessible in 36 nations as of July 2022, including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and New Zealand.

In order to deliver high-speed internet to underserved and rural places worldwide at a lesser cost than current carriers, SpaceX entered the broadband industry in 2018. Based on these advantages, entering the smartphone industry isn’t completely improbable. However, why is this so thrilling?

As of July 2022, Starlink’s 3,000 satellites orbit at an altitude of 550 kilometers (340 miles), connect with one another and with “gateway stations,” base stations on Earth, and beam internet service to users’ antennas on the planet’s surface.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has introduced Starlink V2, a new iteration of the technology that can specifically target mobile phones. Effectively avoiding cellular network providers is this system.

Users will be able to connect to the network directly from their phone thanks to the Model Pi’s compatibility with Starlink, giving them access to a dependable internet connection wherever they are. This is a significant improvement for the Model Pi, and many people will likely be eager to use it.

Integration With Electric Cars

tesla phone

The new Tesla phone, according to industry analysts, will work better with Tesla’s vehicles and provide users more control over vehicle functions. According to reports, users of the phone will be able to lock and unlock the car and manage the temperature, media, and other aspects. This is designed to increase the comfort and simplicity of usage for Tesla drivers.

Several experts think that making cars more user-friendly, this step would increase market appeal for Tesla’s vehicles. The new phone may or may not live up to the anticipation, but it appears to have the ability to enhance Tesla users’ driving experiences.

Support for Neuralink

A technology called Neuralink may one day enable people to operate objects with their minds. Although the technology is still in its infancy, if it is successful, implants may have a wide range of uses.

Neuralink, for instance, might be used by a user with a disability to operate a computer or a prosthetic limb. The technique might potentially be applied to less glamorous activities like operating your smartphone. Here is where the new Tesla phone comes into play.

There are rumors that the phone has a brain interface that would let you operate it with your thoughts. This would be a significant development for Neuralink and might spread awareness of the technology. Even though Neuralink currently faces many obstacles to be overcome before becoming a reality, the promise is exciting.

Solar Charging

Tesla is anticipated to include solar charging capabilities with its forthcoming line of smartphones. For the smartphone industry, which seems to be through a dry spell in terms of innovation and new features, this might be a game-changer.

Some devices, like calculators, have solar charging capabilities, but phones have never had them. The action by Tesla might alter that. Solar charging might be utilized to replenish a phone’s battery more quickly than conventional techniques and would offer an endless source of power.

Also, solar charging would increase phone battery life and offer them a much-needed environmental boost. Tesla appears to be capable of solar smartphone charging given their experience with solar technology. And if they put it into practice while keeping existing smartphone proportions, it might completely change the smartphone market.

Ability to Work on Mars

tesla phone

Mr. Musk said that it could take up to 100 years to establish a colony on Mars with at least one million people during a conference in September 2016. Such folks would undoubtedly require internet access.

According to numerous claims, Tesla’s next phone may use Starlink to function on Mars. Thousands of individuals across the world are now using this technology to access the internet, but it is unclear how the system would be modified for use on Mars.

On Mars, there would be major barriers, like dust storms, that would block the signal because Starlink was intended for usage in places with lines of sight to satellites. A steady stream of new satellites would be needed to continue service because the spacecraft only remain in orbit for around five years before exploding in the atmosphere. Yet, if the phone does function on Mars, it would be a big step toward Elon Musk’s goal of establishing a Martian colony.

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It can be difficult to capture crystal-clear, sharp photos of astronomical objects, as anyone who has attempted to take pictures of the night sky will attest. The night sky can already be captured using AI-powered cameras on modern phones, but SpaceX’s extraterrestrial focus could advance technology even further.

Model Pi may prove to be a useful instrument for amateur astronomers thanks to its improved low-light capabilities and increased capacity to recognize and track astronomical objects with greater accuracy. And since Tesla has a well-known reputation for innovation, such a phone would probably be well-liked by customers.

Hence, while it’s possible that we won’t be able to visit space on our own anytime soon, SpaceX and Tesla may be able to provide us with the next best thing: the opportunity to explore the universe from the convenience of our wallets.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Elon Musk is well known for his support of cryptocurrencies. He has previously made it known that he supports Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Thus it makes sense to imagine that he would seek to integrate cryptocurrency mining capabilities into phones.

According to rumors, the upcoming Tesla phone will mine a new coin called MarsCoin. But, some major hardware would need to be put in place for this to function consistently. What is certain is that the cryptocurrency business would experience a major shift if Tesla is successful. If this report turns out to be genuine, only time will tell.

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Expected Release Date

Although Tesla hasn’t provided an official release date, market analysts anticipate that the Model Pi will go on sale in late 2023 or early 2024.

It’s not difficult to understand why Tesla might not be in a rush to release the product. Customers already have a wide range of options from trusted companies like Apple and Samsung, so a newcomer would need to offer something truly remarkable to stand out from the competition.

It will be intriguing to watch whether Tesla can generate buzz with its own product.

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