Toolzu: How to Download Instagram Videos/Images/ Stories in 2023?

Toolzu is a web-based service for grabbing Instagram videos in HD quality. Quickly and easily get any video in just a few seconds with the help of Toolzu. Instagram video downloader toolzu Simply paste the copied link into a toolzu search box and the video will be downloaded directly to your smartphone.

You don’t have to spend anything at all to utilize Toolzu, the finest Instagram video downloader. Toolzu works on any computer, laptop, or mobile device. To utilize them, you don’t even need to sign up.

Just copy the link to your Instagram photo and put it into the appropriate field on toolzu to start downloading your photo immediately. If you use Toolzu, you can rest assured that it is risk-free.

The Advantages of the Toolzu Video Downloader

Download Videos with Toolzu:


With Toolzu, you can easily browse and download Instagram videos without spending a dime. To save a video from Instagram, all you need to do is copy the link and paste it into the toolzu app.

Image Download by Toolzu:

Tollzu is a fantastic tool because it can also download Instagram photos in full resolution for you.

Download Instagram Stories

One of the coolest features is that Toolzu can also download Instagram tales, which is fantastic because Instagram stories are notoriously difficult to download.


  • Where The Instagram Videos Will Be Saved After The Download?

It’s totally up to your browser. When using Windows or OS X, the Google Chrome browser will save any downloaded files to the “Downloads” folder. Try looking through your browser’s download history (Ctrl + J) if you can’t seem to locate the file you downloaded.

  • Can Instagram videos be downloaded on Android phones?

The answer is yes. This online Instagram video downloader was developed specifically for mobile use (Powered by BootStrap). After entering the Instagram video’s URL, just hit the download button. A download will begin in a few seconds.

  • How Does This Instagram Video Downloader HD Tool Provide Downloads?

This is not Instagram’s official website and has nothing to do with Instagram. Download files for each Instagram video are generated utilizing Instagram’s content delivery network (CDN) and intensive processing with programs and codes.

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  • How do I download live Instagram Videos?

After a live video has finished streaming, you may download it from Instagram just like any other video by pasting the link into the service’s built-in video downloader.

  • In Which Format Instagram Videos Gets Downloaded?

Instagram uses MP4 as its default video storage format, so any videos you download from the service will also be in that format.

  • Does This Tool Store Copies Of Videos?

We do not keep any copies of the videos that are downloaded using our Instagram Video Downloader. Instagram handles all hosting for the videos. As such, it is our responsibility to facilitate your rapid download of said files. No user’s download history is stored here.

  • Does Instagram video data persist after being downloaded with Toolzu?

In a word, no. The entire “https” End to End Connection of this Instagram Downloader is secured. Users’ information is completely protected and inaccessible. If you’ve been trying to save videos from Instagram, you’ll have to give up now; they’re getting downloaded directly from Instagram’s CDN networks, and you have no way to save them.

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