Why Won’t My PC Shut Down? Everything You Need To Know About Elara App

Your computer may occasionally run slowly or encounter problems when shutting down for no apparent reason. It can be frustrating to deal with issues like this, which might interfere with your job and free time.

The Task Manager is one area to go when attempting to diagnose issues of this sort with your PC. ApntEX.exe is frequently encountered when determining what is preventing your Windows from shutting down.

But precisely what is this programme? And why does it make your computer shut down?

What precisely is the Elara App, and why has it been reported that it prevents Windows from shutting down to so many Windows users? You should not worry if you are having trouble fixing this problem. The purpose of this post is to assist you!

You will learn everything you need to know about the Elara App and the reason it is stopping your Windows desktop from shutting down in this guide.

We’ll also look at how to uninstall the programme and get things back to normal so you can keep working uninterrupted.

What Is The Elara App?

Microsoft created the Elara app as a tool to assist users in more effective resource management.

You can monitor how much RAM you are using, how much disc space is available, and how much power your machine is using using the Elara app.

Also, it enables you to check whether programmes are taking up too much CPU or Memory and which ones are currently operating on your computer.

In order to prevent these processes from interfering with other software or crashing your computer, you can manage them using the Elara app. In this manner, you can maintain the optimal operation of your computer and guard against any potential issues.

The Elara app has existed since the launch of Windows Vista in 2007. Nonetheless, Windows 10’s user interface underwent some adjustments.

These modifications included the addition of additional capabilities including the capability to rapidly reach the Start menu, the option to move between several monitors with ease, and the capability to automatically adjust the brightness based on your surroundings.

The Elara app now displays details about your battery life, network connection status, and even Wi-Fi signal strength in addition to these upgrades.

Why Does The Elara App Prevent Your Computer From Shutting Down?

The Elara programme assists you in managing your computer resources, as was already explained.

It accomplishes this by keeping track of all the various parts of your computer and informing you of the amount of memory, disc space, and power each component is using.

Afterwards, it provides you the choice of either shutting down or turning off any inactive programmes.

The Elara app will prompt you to sign in using your Microsoft account when you first use it. You’ll see a list of all the programmes installed on your computer after logging in.

Every application’s details, including as how much memory it consumes, how much space it takes up on your hard disc, and whether it utilises any processor cycles, may be viewed by clicking on the programme itself. Each programme can be uninstalled by performing a right-click on it.

By picking the programme and pressing the red X button, you can prevent it from utilising too much memory or processing power.

After completing this, you can shut down the software. To force the programme to end instantly, you can also select it and hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete.


How To Remove The Elara App

The Elara app can be deleted either manually or automatically. Here is what you need to do if you choose to manage things on your own:



To uninstall a programme, click.

The View tab’s Uninstall a Software button should be clicked.



The Elara App location

Find the Elara application and uncheck it.



Input OK.

To confirm, click OK.



Alternately, allow Windows to handle it.

As an alternative, you could just let Windows handle it. This is how:

Until you come across the Elara app, scroll down.



Choose Uninstall.

Choose Uninstall with a right-click on it.




Validate the removal.

After removing the Elara programme, you shouldn’t have any more problems with your computer unexpectedly shutting down.

Final Thoughts

Elara App removal is simple, but it’s important if it’s keeping your computer from shutting down. You shouldn’t have any issues as long as you adhere to the aforementioned instructions.

We trust that this has answered all of your questions about the Elara programme, and that you can now shut down your computer without incident.

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