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The holiday season and Christmas movie season are upon us. Two weeks prior to Christmas Day, there is a California Christmas. Joseph is the son of a conglomerate, and his mother has threatened to fire him or given him an ultimatum. He has till Christmas Eve to do the task. Joseph’s success:

A California Christmas Plot Summary

Joseph is the son of a business magnate who also serves as the managing partner of his mother’s organisation. He is a womaniser who leads a haphazard life without any clear objectives. Although his mother is attempting to purchase acreage, the owner is unwilling to accept any offer. The farm’s value is greater than any monetary value in the eyes of its owner, Callie Bernet. She currently resides with her mom Wendy, who has cancer, and her younger sister Hannah after losing her fianc and father in an accident three years prior. Despite having a mountain of debt, she refuses to accept the money that could help her with all of her issues.

Joseph’s mother instructs him to use his seductive skills to convince Callie to sell her farm. If he fails to do so, he runs the risk of losing his job with the organisation. To close the transaction with Callie, Joseph travels to Petaluma. Hannah misidentifies Joseph as their new ranch hand Manny when he arrives at the farm, and he finds up helping with a calf birth. He recognises Callie’s personality and realises that convincing her won’t be simple.

How is Joseph s Truth Exposed?

Although Joseph’s inability to perform the duties of a ranch hand effectively makes him appear suspicious, Callie and Hannah eventually accepted it. Connor, though, continues to believe that Manny has a problem. After the devastating deaths of her father and fianc, Callie has been working nonstop, but since Joseph (Manny) has come, she has had more time to relax and spend time with her family. Joseph is acting with all of his heart for the first time in his life. Both of them find solace in spending time together, conversing, and exchanging dreams and memories.

In order to avoid upsetting their close-knit family, Joseph tears down the contract documents he had brought with him. He hasn’t been able to tell Callie the truth. Then Leo, Joseph’s butler, and the real Manny are overheard by Connor discussing Joseph’s genuine last name. He conducts an internet search on Van Aston and learns the truth about him. Callie receives the information from Connor, which surprises her. Joseph’s mother visits the farm the very following day because he is unable to get the contract signed. Without knowing, Joseph stands up for Callie in front of his mother. It was now too late, and his mother and Callie were unreceptive to any of his justifications.

A California Christmas Ending Explained

Joseph is forced to depart after his disguise is destroyed. He includes the homemade wine that Callie gave him when he packs his belongings. Wine aficionados Leo and the genuine Manny sample the wine and declare that they have never encountered it before. A sommelier tastes the wine and certifies that it is actually of a rare quality. The following evening, Callie discovers Joseph working in her vineyard. He then informs her that a wine expert would visit to inspect her vineyard.

She receives a deal after the expert inspects her vineyard. Achieving that contract prevented the farm from being sold. When she shows her mother the offer, they both erupt in joy. On Christmas Day, joy has returned home. A surprise Christmas party is planned by Joseph, Connor, and the rest of the group in the former dairy barn that Callie’s father had hoped to refurbish. Callie, who carried a weight her entire life, is now able to let it all go. Joseph has done more nice deeds for her than evil, so she forgives him.

In Conclusion

A California Christmas has a completely predictable plot, yet it is entertaining to watch because of the locale and character placement. Leo and Manny are fascinating people, and as they live together, their relationship also develops while Joseph and Callie’s love for one another grows. Without a doubt, it’s a movie to unwind with throughout the holiday season.

Shaun Paul Piccinino is the director of the 2020 romantic drama A California Christmas. Lauren Swickard, who also portrays the movie’s protagonist, wrote the script.

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