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Looop Lapeta is an incredibly original attempt at telling a tale and shows how Indian film is evolving in the age of the growth of OTT platforms. But when you watch the entire two hours of this film, you come to the realisation that it was approximately 45 minutes too lengthy.

What is Looop Lapeta about?

The couple in the film, Savi and Satya, are caught in a time loop that only Savi is aware of, and it is up to her to arrange for Rs. 50,00,000 to fix things in order to save Satya’s life.

In the movie Looop Lapeta, Taapsee Pannu plays Savi, a former athlete who married Satya Raj Bhasin, a part-time gambler with a penchant for danger. Satya gets himself into difficulty when he loses a significant amount of money and calls Savi, pleading for assistance with his life on the line. Every time Savi is about to figure it all out, a catastrophe happens, and time magically jumps back to the beginning, giving her another chance. Her efforts to accomplish this are shown as a mashup of a situational comedy and a comedy of mistakes. Looop Lapeta fails to do this at all, unlike other Indian films like Super Deluxe and Kaalakandi. It is in no way comparable.

The Good

Run Lola Run, a German movie from 1998, was remade as Looop Lapeta. Although most people can’t claim to have seen the original, the idea behind Looop Lapeta reminds you of another recent show called Russian Doll. This was a very novel idea for the Indian audience, and the combination of the screenplay’s brilliance and the plot’s simplicity made for a terrific movie, but tragically it was not to be.

Before we address the issue of why Looop Lapeta is disappointing, let’s discuss the film’s acknowledged screenplay, which has been heavily utilised for the humour factor and would have worked if the script had been more tightly written. We cannot emphasise enough how disappointing it is that it is currently merely used as filler for the film’s lack of substance. It is fantastic work, the kind of which even casual moviegoers would notice.

The Bad

The writers’ desire to make literally every frame of Looop Lapeta hilarious has led to the film’s lengthening and overall dilution, which is one of the film’s biggest issues. The real trick to humour is to make it seem effortless, yet the movie is blatantly unaware of this. We immediately see how tiresome it is in one of the opening moments, when Satya is listening to his supervisor give orders regarding the money. Simply put, the chats between Appu and Gappu, the owner of the diamond store’s sons, are pretty monotonous. And the ongoing joke of saying the sum several times each time Rs 50,00,000 is stated quickly grows to be very annoying. Simply put, the dialogue is unfunny. Bollywood has to understand that using metaphors just for the purpose of using them doesn’t make anything funnier or more dramatic; it just makes people grimace.

Should You Watch It?

only if it sparks conversation on social media. To prevent FOMO, it’s important to keep informed. Without that, it is actually a skip. Despite being talented actresses, Taapsee Pannu and Tahir Raj Bhasin’s one-dimensional characters rendered them absolutely ineffective in this movie. We question why Savi is with him in the first place if she only wants to slow down because the latter is constantly observed messing things up and then panicked. Savi, on the other hand, is only shown running throughout the movie, and it is painfully clear that pink tape has been used to conceal the injury to her leg. Normally, we would have skipped over that detail, but since the movie’s details are its one saving grace, we felt compelled to bring it up.

Looop Lapeta appears to be a frame-by-frame manga adaptation with little regard for the story’s chosen medium of expression. However, it would be unfair to assess the film’s flaws without mentioning the story arc of the taxi driver and the bride, which we really found to be rather enjoyable. The bride’s monologue provided a break from the action in the background, while Sameer Kevin Roy’s few appearances on screen had the desired impact for his part.

Maybe you should see the movie to better appreciate how such great actors, such an amazing and meticulously written screenplay, and such an original idea can all come together and still be a let-down, because everything but the narrative was given care. To reiterate what we previously said, the movie would have been far more enjoyable to watch if it had been cut down by at least 30 minutes.

In Conclusion

Even though we were disappointed in the film, it still managed to demonstrate the potential of Indian cinema and how all it needs is one chance. Although Looop Lapeta was disappointing, it demonstrated the talent’s intellectual prowess and ensured that we looked beyond the boundaries of mainstream Bollywood. Taapsee continues to rule as the empress of experimental and unconventional film, while Tahir Raj Bhasin merits further acting work. So let’s look forward to a time when popular film production is something to be proud of on a global scale. We are moving in that way already. All we have to do is keep moving forward.

The Looop Lapeta ending is explained: Can Savi assist Satya.

Aakash Bhatia is the director of the 2022 Indian drama film Looop Lapeta.

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